5 Smart Comebacks to Deal With Someone Whose Anger Gets out of Hand

It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of someone else’s anger, especially when it gets to an excessive point. By staying calm however, you can diffuse the situation. To be clear, these “comebacks” are not about finding creative ways to tell someone off. Instead, they are guidelines to deescalate the situation that you may find yourself in.

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“I’m here for you”
When someone is very angry, sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen. Even though your instinct may be to offer solutions, or fight fire with fire, doing so can agitate the situation further. Angry people want to be heard (that’s why they get so loud).

“I hear what you’re saying”
Showing that you are a listening ear, and that you will not impose judgement, will help them feel more at ease and be more comfortable about opening up. Often when people are angry, they don’t actually express the deeper problem they are facing. They may have not even figured out what it is yet. By showing that you are receptive, you can expose the problem and then come to a solution together.

“I don’t agree, but I understand”
Even if you think that what they are saying is bonkers, it’s important to always understand each others’ points of view –  if we don’t, there won’t be opportunities for compromise.

“I think you need some space”
Inviting the angry person to be by herself will not only release you from the situation, but it will also give them time to cool down and reflect on what was said.

“When you’ve cooled down, I’m here to talk”
Before making your exit, remind the person that you are calm and are willing to hear them out. You are here for them, but you are not here for their explosive emotions.