5 Ways to Show You Love Him Without Having Sex

Plan a mini boys’ night
Invite a bunch of his friends over, provide them with some beer and pizza and make yourself scarce. Allowing him to have time with his friends shows maturity and confidence in the relationship. He’ll have a good night thanks to you, and will probably be really happy to see you once his friends clear out.

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Cook him his favorite meal
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Even if you’ve already captured his heart, it’s still a really nice gesture. Making someone a meal is such a nurturing thing to do. Call his mom and get her recipe for his favorite pasta sauce, or make him the really elaborate potato dish that he loves but is a pain in the butt to prepare. He will be truly touched by the effort.

Watch a TV show together
Taking part in a project or a hobby that you can’t do without the other is a nice way to bond as a couple.  It’s also nice to establish a ritual that you can do together. Setting aside your Sunday night to watch “Game of Thrones” together shows that you value each other’s schedules enough to make time for each other. Don’t cheat! Hold each other accountable so that if one of you can’t watch, you will wait to watch it together.

Give him a really good foot massage
How good does it feel to get your feet and calves rubbed when you’re getting a pedicure? Treat your man to the experience. Men are usually a little squeamish about getting a pedicure in public, but you can bring the relaxation to him. Stock up on some massage oil, warm some towels and get ready to see him drool in appreciation. Never given a foot massage before?

Leave little notes for him
If he takes his lunch to work, slip him a note with a nice compliment. If you’re going to be away for a weekend, leave him a short letter about how you’re going to miss him on his pillow. Actually taking the time to write something out is much more personal than a text and will show him how much you care. Plus, he’ll be surprised and reminded of you when you can’t be together.