Never Marry the Guy Who Won’t Answer These 5 Questions

Making the decision to get married can be a very exciting and fulfilling life one, but it is also one that requires a clear and confident mind. Before taking the plunge, ask your guy these five questions.

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Do you want kids? (If so, when and how many?)
This is a very standard question, but nonetheless, an important one that you and your partner ought to be on the same page as, or at the very least, willing to compromise on. It’s important to know what your partner envisions in their future with you to see if it lines up with what you see.

How much debt do you have?
Talking about money can get awkward, but think about it: if you want to spend the rest of your life with this guy, it’s important to know how you will be working through financial issues together.

What turns you on?
Being sexually open with a partner is essential to a sustaining marriage. If he’s not comfortable talking to you about what excites him, there may be a deeper problem in your relationship you need to solve. You’ll have to work on your communication and get to the root of why he doesn’t feel comfortable being open with you in this way.

How close are you/do you want to be to your family?
“Close” in this instance extends to distance, as well as familial gatherings. Does your partner want to stay within a certain radius of his family? Does he want to ensure he is with his family for certain holidays? Or does he want to keep a comfortable distance? You should know the answer to all these questions.

Are you monogamous?
Although many couples choose to be monogamous, it is silly to pretend that’s the one-size-fits-all relationship mold. Get to know what your guy’s preferred relationship style is, and make sure it’s one you agree with or something you two can discuss and come to an understanding on together.