Early Signs Of Ovary Cysts That Women Ignore Daily. What To Do If You Recognize Them? – Magic Of Healthy Food


Women or some of them are prone to have ovarian cysts during their reproductive periods. Such cysts happen because woman’s eggs can build up and this is because hormones are out of balance.

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Such cysts vary in the size from small to big. The name for this issue is polycystic ovary disease.

This means the ovaries in a woman have too many cysts.

If untreated in time, they can enlarge. To make the hormone levels normal again is the first step now.

Do this:

  1. Licorice- this boosts up the adrenal glands and levels the hormones naturally.Get the licorice and boil it in a pan a few minutes. Let it cool about 6 min and then strain it to drink twice daily.
  2. Chasteberry- this strong herb treats many such diseases. For ovary cysts, it reduces their size. Also helps with pelvis and PMS cramps and eases up the menstrual flow. This herb is of diterpenes that lower the estrogen in the brain and the woman has a more normal hormonal situation.