3 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Never Put Heinz Ketchup on Your Food Again


Ketchup is a food that is a MUST almost in every meal. But have you ever read about the ingredients in it, especially when it comes to ketchup such as the trade mark Heinz?

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Well, we will share you the list about its ingredients in the text below.

  • distilled vinegar
  • tomato concentrate made from ripe red tomatoes
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • spices
  • salt
  • natural flavoring
  • onion powder

This fact is a little bit disappointing and it is not attractive at all. There is a very low level of natural flavoring in this ketchup and moreover, there is a high amount of ketchup concentrate in it.

To make things better, we will give you the following instructions why is good to avoid using this kind of ketchup.


Number 1: The presence of high fructose corn syrup

As we have mentioned before, high fructose corn syrup is the main ingredient in Heinz ketchup. Numerous studies have shown that this ingredient is very toxic. The manufacturers use GMO corn to make this ingredient. The syrup increases the levels of blood sugar and has negative impact on the liver. Some tests suggest that the syrup can trigger obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many other health issues.


Number 2: Sugar and distilled vinegar

This vinegar is made of genetically modified corn loaded with chemicals. Distilled vinegar is harmful and when it is mixed with high fructose corn syrup the situation is even worse.


Number 3: Lack of nutritional value

Heinz ketchup doesn’t contain any minerals, protein or fiber. The fact is that there is two percent of vitamin C and vitamin A, but these amounts are useless and can’t eliminate the effects of salt and sugar.


Source: healthmagazine365.com