When Her Daughter Woke Up, She Noticed Her Legs Were Covered In Bruises ,You Can’t Imagine Which Plant Was The Reason


When this girl woke up in the morning, she was horrified by the look on her own legs. They were covered with bruises. Her parents were also in shock, and they took her immediately to the nearest hospital.

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This disease is called “ Purpurafulminans”. It is a rare syndrome of intravascular thrombosis and hemorrhagic infarction of the skin that is rapidly progressive and is accompanied by vascular collapse and disseminated intravascular coagulation. It is classified as idiopathic, nenonatal acute infectious.

The girl’s name is Bo and she has only 4 years. She lives with her parents in England. When the doctors examined her, they discovered that the reason of it was the chicken pox she got. Previously, she started experiencing pain In her legs, and her parent knew that something wrong is happening. They were terrified when they saw the bruises, so they didn’t have idea of what’s going on.

After she was diagnosed with purpurafulminans, her parents received even worse news that she may lose her both legs. They were devastated to hear this, so they tried everything  from medications to plasma transfusions. Luckily, Bo got better and thanks to the doctos and their fast reaction and treatment, she didn’t lose her legs. She had to be in a wheelchair for a while, but after that, she started walking normally again.