10 Things that will make you more likeable

We all know that how we behave can affect how much people like us, but sometimes, with all the stresses of our busy lives, we can forget some of the basics that make a person likeable. When that happens, we can be a bit too short with people, or not really pay attention to what they are telling us, and that can lead to upsets, or even the loss of friends. If you have become so wrapped in your own daily problems that you seem to have lost that ability to make friends and keep them; here’s a reminder of ten of the basics that will make you a more likeable person.

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1. Listen more

However busy you think you are, make sure that you always listen closely to what people are saying to you. If you always come across as being distracted, with your mind elsewhere, not only will you appear to be rude and lose some friends, you could also miss out some vital information.

2. Always treat others in the same way that you would want to be treated

If you want to be liked, then there is one simple rule that you can follow, and that is to do to others what you would have them do to you. You wouldn’t like to be ignored, lied to, or deliberately hurt, so just follow the same guidelines for yourself. You can’t always guarantee how other people will behave, but at least you can be the one who is doing the right things.

3. Remember to say please and thank you

Saying thank you when someone does something nice for you may seem like a minor thing, but it really does make a difference to how likeable you are. Common courtesy is a way of showing both gratitude and respect and, even in today’s busy world; people really do appreciate a simple please or thank you.

4. Offer your help, with no strings attached

Whether it’s holding a door open for somebody, or offering to help carry something heavy, it’s the little, kind offers of help that you make that can make you so much more likeable. The important thing is to help people and expect nothing back in return. When you can do that, you will become a far more approachable and likeable person.

5. Always keep your promises

When you are really busy and you have a lot on your mind, it can be easy to think that some of the little promises that you break don’t really matter. If you promise your partner that you will be home on time, and you are late or, if you promise to meet a friend for a coffee, and you don’t turn up, for example. Even little things like these hurt and, if you do it too often, people will stop trusting you and liking you.

6. Smile more

A smile makes you feel better and it cheers up the people around you too. People are far more likely to approach you if you look happy, so smile more, and you will make a lot of new friends. If you don’t believe just how powerful and infectious a smile can be, try smiling at a stranger the next time you go out and, ninety nine times out of hundred, they will smile right back at you.

7. Don’t pretend that you know everything

No one likes a know-it-all, so make sure people don’t think that you are one of those. Never be afraid to ask for help or admit that you don’t know the answer to a question.  It’s much more endearing to people if you are honest and you don’t try to show off all the time. That way, you will be a much more interesting person to talk to.

8. Be a team player

When people work together to achieve things, they work far better and they all get along a lot better too. Show people that you can help the team to achieve its goals as well as working towards your own and people will respect you for that and like you too. This is true, both in the workplace, and outside of it. Helping neighbours is just as important as helping a work colleague.

9. Give people compliments

Everyone likes to receive compliments, but when did you last take the time to compliment someone on their hair or a job well done?  A sincere compliment could lift someone’s whole day and it shows that you notice people and that you want to encourage them.

10. Take an interest and care

Probably something that we are all guilty of when we are really busy is not taking an interest in other people and their problems. If a colleague’s pet cat died, it may mean nothing to you, but it probably means a great deal to them.  It would only take a few a moments to say you are sorry to hear about their news and that would comfort them and make you a lot more likeable too.

How to be more likeable? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

Source : beautyandtips.com