Cure And Fight Arthritis With Natural Methods, Oils And Herbs

you-can-fight-and-cure-arthritis-with-these-natural-herbs-and-oils-660x330What is the arthritis? It is a condition where joints are stiff and painful. They are also inflamed and not just one joint is affected. There exist more than 200 arthritis kinds and also rheumatoid issues and mostly elder people get this, but younger too. This condition is restricted mostly to middle age people, precisely over 50.

What causes this?

There is no pinpoint of the reason or cause and it depends. It can due to injury, tear and wear of joints, age, immunity or infection even. Sometimes Lyme disease causes this too.

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How is it treated?

A few drugs can help a bit in this case, also bandages and splints too. Meds can work moderately, but they have side effects.

Some alternative methods go a long way and we will recommend the best ones.

 Natural cures for arthritis

1. Ginger

This herb is amazing and heals a lot. The ginger is potent cure and has a sharp, strong taste. Its items inside are fighting any inflammation. Grate it fresh in teas for boosted immunity and also reducing inflammation or swelling. If you have arthritis, have at least 1 cup per day and you can add lemon for better taste.

2. Turmeric

This herb/spice is also called miracle drug for the healing benefits known everywhere. It is an antioxidant and even prevents cancer, or aids in its recovery stages. The immunity is getting boosted too and inflammation lessened. Make tea with it, but use capsules. Turmeric is a powder with yellow color and comes of the Turmeric plant. To take it as a tablet daily is the best for soothed joints and arthritis.

3. Green tea

This drink is really healthy and mostly for cancer people. it has loads of antioxidants/nutrients and keeps the brain healthy while you lose weight too! This tea slows down stages of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s both restricted to elder people. green tea also is great for arthritis and removal of inflammation. Have this tea, but also consider supplement pills or tincture.

4. Aloe Vera

This item is the best for skin issues, this is a known fact. Also it helps with burns, cuts, wounds or eczema. It heals and soothes you and is the best alternative cure. Apply it topically in joints that hurt. On the market you can find oils of it, creams, shakes, drinks…

5. Boswellia

This oil is of the Boswellia tree, from India. It is extracted of the tree gum and is praised by health experts for treating inflammation. The way it works is by blockage of the leukotriene the item that attacks healthy joints and causes autoimmune problems. Take it naturally, or in tea, or as cream for topical use.

General arthritis information

This disease must not be left untreated. That diagnosis can be devastating, but do not despair. Fingers and hands will have restricted movements and you must avid carrying things. That will cause more pain and even be felt in the ankles, knees, legs…

You must be active all the time, but in moderation. Swim, walk, do yoga or Pilates too. Keep healthy weight, not too slim not obese either. Stay away from stress to the bones and joints and never carry weight by yourself.

This disease is awful, but not a disaster. With healthy diet, workouts and natural methods you will feel good.