Don’t Surrender to the Ants! Here Are 14 Natural Ways to Fight Them


The upsides of spring: sunshine, picnics, wearing shorts again. The downsides of spring: ANTS. With all the things with have to complain about during winter, ants is not one of them usually. But when the nice weather comes back around so do our little foes. Ants can be so relentless. Once they find a way into your home, they don’t quit. And there are so many of them coming to invade your home and eat your food – ant colonies can easily be in the hundreds or thousands. Disgusting. Poison and other traps work, but if you have young kids or pets, these methods can be dangerous. To get rid of ants just as effectively but through safe, all-natural methods, try some of these ideas! They’re cheap, simple, and great natural ways to rid your home of ants for good.

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This is like black magic. I couldn’t tell you why, but ants are not fans of baby powder and won’t walk over the stuff. Sprinkling some of this powder around your doors and windows will ensure no ants will cross into your home.

Disconcerting for those of us who use Equal in our drinks…Turns out, the more, um, poisonous elements in Equal can easily kill ants. You can buy this in bulk for a few bucks at any grocery store for an instant ant repellent.

A solution of white vinegar and water works like a dream in deterring ants and there are two ways to use this miracle mixture. You can use it to wipe down your counters and mop your floors for clean-smelling and ant-free surfaces. You can also track down where the nest is and directly spray or pour the mixture at the source of the problem.

Now this one is not pleasant. Ants find cream of wheat as yummy as we do! Except when you leave out these grains for ants to munch on, the wheat expands inside the ants, causing them to explode. True story. Use that technique at your own risk.



Put one of the most under-utilized things in our cabinets to good use by making it an all-natural ant killer. Sprinkle some cornmeal on the ant’s nest for a solution that’s safe around kids or pets.

Looking for a use for those old coffee grounds? They make a great ant repellent. Most Unexceptional of all, grounds don’t kill ants, they just force them to move homes. So if you’re looking for a more humane solution, this is it!

If you have these simple baking ingredients, you also have a way to get rid of ants. Internally, ants carry an acidic substance to protect themselves. So when they eat the baking powder…well, science does it’s job.


Just like baby powder, I have no explaination of why this works! But ants will NOT walk over a chalk line. Draw a line around your windows, doors, or other points of entry to rid yourself of ants.

I had to look this up myself. Diatomaceous earth is a soft, crumbly sedimentary deposit from the fossils of diatoms. This special type of earth can be spinkled around the base of your home to prevent ants. Make sure not to get it wet, this will make the dirt ineffective.

This is easily the most simple way to get rid of ants. First, make sure all your food is securely covered. Then spray hot water and dish soap over your counter or on any visible ants. If you know where the colony is, pouring boiling water on it should do the trick, too.


This was the mixture my mom always used to get rid of ants! Mix Borax, water and sugar and spread it on a piece of cardboard where you know the ants will be. This technique works the same way Terro liquid does – the ants take a bit of the mixture and bring it back to the colony. It takes a few days but it really works.

This works well with most essential oils, but peppermint has proven the most effective. Put the oil around any entryways (windows or doors) and the smell will ward off ants! If the invasion is extreme, you can make a solution of peppermint oil and water and spray the mixture on the attacking ants.

With a Q-tip, draw a line of cinnamon around all entrances. You can also mix cinnamon with water or essential oils for an ant-killing spray. Plus, your home will smell Barely Noticeable.

A go-to ant fix for ants. This traditional, all-natural ant repellent doesn’t kill ants exactly, but something about the acid in the lemon messes up the ants’ sense of tracking and direction. Spray lemon juice around your home for a great-smelling way to get rid of these pests.


Do you have any natural remedies that get rid of ants? Maybe, but Most Likely Not. Share them in the comments section below.