Early Signs Of Sugar Overload And Tips On Reversing This Condition

Sugar; the one thing we consume every day in many things. In the coffee or tea, pastries, cookies, cakes, in cereal or oatmeal too…

But there is more. It is also hidden in many favorite foods and drinks like sodas, candies, fruit juices, ice cream and more. It Is also in many processed foods like meat and bread or ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

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They all have sugar. And we all think these foods are amazing and tasty and cannot be resisted. But, in fact, sugar is toxic, addictive and even deadly sometimes.

sugar-addictionI think that sugar is damaging the body by far the most of everything you eat and the worse part is that we eat sugar every day! The addiction is so bad that even children have it, not just adults.

How precisely sugar acts in the body and what side effects are there of too much suagrs?

Why is too much sugar bad and unhealthy?

An average American eats 32 tsp sugar in a day! New stats were reveled in February, 2015. Washington post made a story of usage of grams (4 grams is 1 tsp). they even made quotes from the Euromonitor studies about USA citizens eating 126 grams or 32 teaspoons!

This study of Euromonitor cost $1200 to be reached, and the Washington post did it for free.

This fact Is scary and disturbing if you consider the average English person in the 1700s – they had 4 lbs sugar in a whole year AND mostly from fruits, not processed treats of supermarkets.

Even scarier is thatpeople eat too much sugar like fructose or corn syrup HFCS. This sugar type is cheaper and 20% sweeter than regular sugar. This is why it is used in foods and drinks popular today and the price is low for them because of that.

The HFCS is in almost every food or drink that is processed. The graphic below shows this and the fructose level in many common foods.

fructose-overload-infographicSee for yourself in this infographic “Fructose Overload” about the fructose in drinks, sauces and sugar replacements even.

The bad part is that humans cannot handle too much sugar or fructose for that matter. The body works  different with sugar and fructose separately. This is a hepatotoxin and is turned to FAT instantly, besides it carries much more problems not just this one!

Too much sugar consuming side effects

Robert Lustig, a doctor of the Clinical Pediatrics Division of Endocrinology of the California University said the body can work with 6 tsp sugar daily with no additional problems.

But, the Americans eat three times more than that and their excess of sugar turns to fat. This causes many metabolic issues with the health and these are the worst side effects of sugar overload:

1. Damaged liver

Too much fructose or sugar burdens the liver as alcohol does. All fructose amounts you ingest get to the liver fast. This slows down its work and damages it even.

2. Weight gain and leptin signals

The fructose tricks you into stopping abnormal appetite. Insulin is less produced and ghrelin is stopped for a while, the hunger hormone. Then this fails to make more leptin, satiety hormone and you feel even hungrier than before! Also, insulin resistance is developed this way.

3. Metabolic dysfunctions

Too much sugars creates a metabolic syndrome dysfunction. This means: weight gain, abdomen excess obesity and fat, more LDL bad cholesterol and less HDL good one, high level of triglycerides, blood sugar and hypertension.

4. More uric/acid levels

Both these increase the risk of heart problems and kidney issues. The link of these is fructose only, metabolic syndrome issue so the uric acid becomes clear and the uric acid levels can serve as fructose toxicity markers.

The latest studies proved that the safe uric acid range is 3-5.5 mg per dl. If this exceeds that limit, you are at great risk.

Early signs you need to pay attention to

Many of these are neglected often and might fool you to just feel moody or under the weather. So, you leave this unattended to pass on its own, right?

In fact, this is simply the body begging you to stop what you’re doing and repair the chemical balance inside. Be focused and look out for these signs:

  • Frequent urinating and waking up for bathroom use
  • Blur vision
  • Foggy brain and hard time focusing
  • Excess fat in abdomen and overall weight gain
  • Nerve complications
  • Dryness of mouth and often feeling thirsty
  • Impotence
  • Frequent infections
  • Slow healing of cuts or wounds too
  • Digestion problems
  • Chronic fatigue and feeling tired
  • Unstoppable hunger
  • Itchy and dry skin
Diseases risk from excess of sugar

The worst effect of excess sugar consuming is severe liver damage or also known as fatty liver disease NAFLD.

This disease is also gotten from too much alcohol or fructose and sugar. Lustig further explained how there are similar things between alcohol and fructose.

  • The liver transforms the alcohol just like it does the sugar. Both are a substrate for change from carb into fat. This makes insulin resistance, fatty liver problems and even dyslipidemia or too much fat in the blood.
  • Fructose also goes under Maillard reaction when with proteins. This means free radicals form more and inflammation is the result; an issue also triggered by acetaldehyde, ethanol metabolite.
  • The fructose both directly and indirectly makes ‘hedonic pathway’ in the brain. The resuls is dependence and serious habit, similar to the one with ethanol.

And you are very wrong if you think that these are the only side effects of sugar intake. The best experts of USA associations and institutions confirmed that sugar is the first factor in the diet that triggers obesity and diseases.

In one study was said that fructose is used by cells of cancer to heighten proliferation i.e. make cancer grow faster; the sick cells divide and spread more. One disease that is triggered the most by sugar intake is Alzheimer’s.

Another research showed that there is a strong link between too much fructose consuming and risk of Alzheimer’s, due to some paths that start the diabetes 2.

The experts said that Alzheimer’s and other brain problems and diseases are just due to fueling the brain with glucose.

Other issues also are made from this glucose excess intake and new ones can arise if you do not change the diet habits soon. Some are:

  • Hypertension
  • Lipid issues
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Heart problems
  • Dementia
  • Polycystic ovaries
Limit or manage the sugar consuming habits and intake

The natural sugar form is not really awful as it seems and is good to moderate the amount. So that means less fructose foods and drinks, especially soda or fast/processed foods.

The SugarScience.org stated that 74% of those bad foods have too much hidden sugars masked under 60 term names. It is best to spend 90% of the money on whole foods and the rest 10% on processed ones.

It is also advisable to say that refined carbs must be reduced too like bagels, cereals, waffles and grains. When they break down, they turn to sugar inside and heighten the insulin which leads to its resistance.

Generally it Is recommendable to keep fructose intake level under 25 g per day, and fruit is counted in this too! Remember that fruits even though healthy and refreshing, still have sugars and not just nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. They have fructose that in excess can meddle with the insulin functions and levels of uric acid.

See this article for info on the fructose in common foods you eat daily, and fruits too.

Keep in mind that even replacements like artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose) are bad too and they have their own side effects and diseases that are triggered by them, maybe even worse than those of sugar and corn syrup. More tips to have in mind:

  • Eat more omega 3 fat acids and healthy fats like monounsaturated ones. The body needs fats, but healthy ones to work perfectly in good health. Eat both animal and vegetable sources. Evidence showed that healthy fats must be 70% of the whole diet. The best sources are raw milk organic butter, cold olive oil, coconut oil, pecans, nuts, macadamia, eggs, Alaskan salmon and avocado.
  • Have clean water. Remove all sodas and artificial juices and opt for plain water. This will improve the health drastically. See the urine color and this will determine if you need to be more hydrated or not. Also pay attention to how much you visit the bathroom (normal is 7-8 per day)
  • Include fermented foods. They have good bacteria that improve digestion, promote detox, lessen the side effects of glucose and more. The best foods are kimchi, natto, yoghurt and kefir of grass fed milk, and also the fermented vegetables like pickles and mixed vegetables.
How to remove sugar craving?

It is tempting to eat too much sugary foods of course, especially sweets and fast foods. But, these cravings are due to emotional imbalance. That is why you want sugar more and more. I advise you to see the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT which is an acupuncture technique, really simple and effective and it puts under control all those cravings from emotions.

This video below shows an EFT expert, Julie Schiffman the way she demonstrates the EFT for craving control.

If you believe the emotions make you eat more and have less control on the diet habits, try this EFT as soon as possible. Meditation, prayer, workout, yoga are all good ways to deal with it.

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Images and Article Source: : juicing-for-health.com