Is Your Second Toe Longer Than Your Other Toes? You Might Want to Read This!!!!


For many years people practice foot reading. Many people believe that feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body.

Jane Sheehan a reflexologies claims that feet show everything about our organism, from our digestive system function to the state of our relationships. Only a look at our feet can tell a lot about us.

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What your feet say about your personality:

Big Toe

If your big toe is longer that the others it means that you are very smart and creative person. If your big toe is small it says that you are very generous and polite. You want to travel and make new friends.

Second Toe

People with long second toe are born leaders. They have big dreams and very often they make them true. People with smaller second toe are calm and positive people.

Third Toe

If your third toe is long it means that you are very energetic and curious person. You love adventures and make every second of your life worth leaving. People with smaller third toe know how to enjoy life. They adore their family and friends.

Fourth Toe

People with long fourth toe are very lovely and friendly. Those who have smaller fourth toe are perfectionist and hardworking people.

Little Toe

If you have small little toe you are very childlike and interesting person. You are always happy with a big smile on your face. If you have a big small toe than you are very impulsive and aggressive. You want to take care of everything around you and if the thing doesn’t go the way you expected you become very frustrated.

Source: Natural Medicine Box