Learn How To Consume Papaya Seeds For Healing And Detox Of The Liver, Digestive Organs And Kidneys

start-eating-papaya-seeds-right-now-e28093-there-are-magical-cure-for-gut-liver-kidney-cancer-and-for-more-other-diseasesThis fruit is amazing and it is tropical by origin. I was growing up with papaya, plenty of it as well. But, I always threw the seeds aside until I found out they were healthy!

They are crunchy and semi-hard, and their flavor is really sharp and strong in between mustard seeds and peppercorns, the mild type. This fruit is amazing in fighting inflammation, cancer prevention, heart issues, lowering blood glucose, better digestion, healing wounds and much more. See more of the papaya fruit and its cancer fighting benefits.

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You probably also threw the seeds away until now, but see what are their benefits.

1. Better digestion

This fruit is on the best foods list for digestion. The seeds have anti-parasite and antibacterial effect so they are good for removal of bad microorganisms of the intestines and digestive tract.
Since it is strong anti-pathogen, it is good to have 1 spoon of the seeds and kill the bad bacteria that is the problem root.

2. Cancer prevention

The seeds have flavonoids and phenolic ingredients that act like antioxidants and stop or mutate tumor cells to grow. There is a phytonutrient in them called isothiocyanate that stops colon cancer, breast, lung and prostate cancer too.

3. Detox of liver and kidneys

In tradition Chinese medicine, papaya seed was used for many centuries back just for detoxes of the liver.
It was aid that it is good for those having fatty liver disease. Having 1 tbsp daily of these seeds is amazing for the liver cleanse. And, diet or lifestyle changes also play a big role in this.

4. Kidney detox

The seeds are really good for the kidneys too. They fight bacteria and inflammation and also stop toxins to damage the tissue of the kidneys.

5. Less inflammation and inflammation related diseases

Just as the papaya fruit itself, the seeds fight inflammation just as well and also issues like arthritis, gout, joint pain and asthma too. The papain and chymopapapain are the best 2 ingredients that fight the inflammation.

6. Lowering hypertension

Studies showed on lab rats that the heart benefits a lot from these seeds. The compound carpaine is also in the papaya seed and leaves too and lowers the systolic, diastolic and mean artery pressure all at once.

7. Contraceptive

Even centuries back, in India this was used as natural method of contraceptive. If you want to conceive, do not eat papaya seeds. The male rats studies stated that those rats had low sperm count after eating papaya seed.

How are the seeds to be eaten?

There are several ways for this. 1 tbsp scoop is enough, fresh from the fruit and the taste is still good at this point.

Take the seeds and pound them really well with mortar and pestle. Then put them in a jar and refrigerate maximum for a week. For longer shelf life, put them in the freezer. Before use, thaw them.

Or also take them and dry them with dehydrator. When this is done, pound the seeds with food processor if you have one, and grind them to make powder for meal addition.
Add it in the salad, smoothies, soups, savory meals…1 spoon is enough!

What is the right amount of papaya seed?

These seeds are strong in the effect and in fighting the bacteria process. Eat just one tbsp. per day at first, raw or prepared in some way with the food.
If you handle this well, slowly increase to 2 tbsp per day with no side effects. They are healthy, but in exceeding doses, they might irritate you of course. Everything in moderation.

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Source: juicing-for-health.com