Power of The Powder: Prepare In Your House Your Own Powder Of Turmeric

turmericHave you heard that some types of the powder of turmeric which you can buy on the current market is consisted of food coloring inside them? This ingredient is being added there in order of making all types of food products to be a lot more bright, so that it can be achieved by simply spraying a couple of sprinkles of powder of turmeric. Opposite to that, you are supposed to add way too much of the powder made by yourself no matter what you are cooking at that particular moment in order for giving it the enriched golden color you desire having. Putting a lot more turmeric powder than the necessary represents a very good thing due to the fact that it will give you the permission and chance for you to use all of the positive things and benefits for the health this spice gives out. Furthermore, the powder of turmeric is a lot more fragrant opposed to the mass-produced type.

So, we are going to stop here and we are going to tell you the very easy steps in what way you can prepare your own powder of turmeric:

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Step no.1: Buy Turmeric Root

Go to the local farmers’ market or at the store where you buy your everyday products and buy a little bit of turmeric root. When you go to buy it remember to choose the large ones which have the smooth skins, they are the best and most amazing ones. Plus, remember to see if they have any mold, they are supposed to not have them.

Step no.2: Clean Them with Water Thoroughly

Take the turmeric roots and put them under the running water in order to wash them nicely. Try to wash them as good as possible and also try to remover the dirt as much as you can. Also, you can take and use the scouring pad in order to remove the dirt which is found all over the skin of the root of turmeric.

Step no.3: Boil The Turmeric Root

Take one big saucepan, put the root of turmeric in it and start boiling it for approximately 45 minutes. Assure yourself that all of the roots of turmeric are found submerged under the water that boils as the process goes by. When that is done, drain and let them like that in order for the roots to cool down on a room temperature.

Step no.4: Peel the Roots and Chop Them into Small Pieces

When the roots cool down, take the peeler or maybe a little knife and start getting rid of the peel of the roots. After that you are going to chop them into big slices they should be approximately 5 cm thick all of them. Also, it will be good if you put some latex or rubber gloves in order to keep the palms and fingers from getting stained.

Step no.5: Let Them Dry During the Night

Take one big plate, put it on the table and then place all over it a lot of paper towels and then carefully put on it the previously boiled and chopped roots of turmeric. Then, you should leave them to stay like that during the night. When you are halfway through this put some new wet paper towels in order to replace the old ones.

Step no.6: Put Them into a Cool As Well As Dry Place

Take everything and put it inside one big shallow bowl and then simply put it into dry and cool room. Also, check that the place where you put it has good ventilation. If you put the root of turmeric onto direct sun, that is going to provoke for the turmeric to lose its characteristic color.

Step no.7: Wait 5 to 7 Days

Probably you will have to wait for approximately 5 to 7 days before the root of turmeric is prepared for grinding. It is an excellent idea if each day or maybe every other day you stir the roots in order to assure yourself that each piece is completely dry.

Step no.8: Break Them for Easy Grinding

When these 5 to 7 days are done, the pieces of root of turmeric are supposed to be very hard. So, before you start grinding them you should take the mortar as well as the pestle and very cautiously break them into little chopped pieces for having zero problems during the grinding.

Step no.9: Now Is the Time to Grind Them

Take the coffee or nut grinder and transform the broken pieces of root of turmeric into powder. Remember that it is very demanding and a real challenge to have them ground. You need to have a lot of patience and make sure that the grinder has a lot of time to rest in order to avoid overheating it.

Step no.10: Put it into a Clean Container

If you want to have fresh powder of turmeric prepared at your home the best thing you can do is to keep the powder into a clean container which is air-tight. You do not have to keep the powder inside the fridge, it is enough to simply stash the container into cool and dry place inside the kitchen.

Source: www.healthdigezt.com