The Best 6 Workouts For Sciatica And Power Back Pain Removal

exercises-sciatica-lower-back-pain-fbMany studies shown that 5 to 10% of USA citizens have the sciatica and pain in the lower back; this is due to the compressed and irritated lower back nerve.

This pain is affecting the lower back and the spine and can even extend to the foot.

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Common signs are:

  • Sharp pain in one leg or buttock
  • Burning and stinging feeling
  • Pain that worsens when sitting
  • Incontinence in bladder and bowels

The factors that affect the sciatica are:

  • For 90% cases it is slipped disc of the back
  • Tumor
  • Spinal infection or injury
  • Narrow space between vertebrae
  • CES syndrome or known as cauda equine

Prevention to the pain with:

  • Strength workouts for the muscles in the back
  • Solid floor sleeping
  • Adjusted car seat and support for the back
  • Good body posture
  • Lifting movements practice

Below are 6 types of workouts that resolve the sciatica:

1. Hamstring stretch

Sit down on the floor and stretch out the legs. The back is straight and hands spanned out. Breathe deep and when you exhale lean forward with the collarbone to reach your toes. Do it for half a minute.

2. Knee lift

Lye on your back and bend the knees 90 degree. Arms are on the side and flat. Do 5 reps with leg lifts of foot height and off of the floor, then lower them.

3. Piriformis stretch

Lye back and bend the knees. Try to push the heels to the buttock direction. Cross one leg over the other gently and relax the joint ankle. Do this for 20 seconds and then switch leg sides.

4. Knee to chest stretch

Lye on the back again and knees have to be at 90 degree angle. Feet are firmly on the ground and hands wrapped around the knee. Pull the knee to you, and toward the chest. Stay this way for half a minute and switch leg sides.

5. Back extension

Lye down and face is looking to the floor. Feet and hands are on the ground, flat. The fingers are at eyes level and extend or elevate your back for 10 seconds than lower it back down. Do 10 reps.

6. Gluteal stretch

Again, on the back, lying pose. Knees are again 90 degree angle and the right leg has to be lifted while at the same time the ankle rests on the thigh. The hands are now around the left thigh, wrapped and toward the body. Stay like this for 30 seconds and make 3 reps. After that, switch leg sides.