The Best And Easiest Way For Removal Of Skin Tags Or Warts


a2Majority of people have these unaesthetic problems with the skin; they are not fatal or harmful, just unpleasant. These things on the skin can be in various shapes, sizes and colors too. The reality is that they are no harm for the health but could originate of some virus, skin touch or immunity weakening. One thing is for sure –this is not from touching animals with warts.

You certainly cannot get the tags and warts of warty animals and pets in the house and of course every such animal is different, just like every human is.  This is harmless though and just one can be contagious.

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Before we tell you the tips and tricks for this issue and removal of skin tags and warts, let’s see what is this exactly.

What are skin tags now? They are skin growths that show on the skin area where there is a crease or fold, uneven and textured skin patch. It can be flat, irregular, hanging skin too, similar too extra flesh and skin. This bears the same color as the other skin areas and is not too visible or darker, somewhere in the rage maroon and brown.

The science term for this is acrochordon – those tags show up on areas like armpits, groin, eyelids, neck…

Do not panic. They are just unpleasant for the eye, but not harmful. They are benign by nature and painless too. Those obese, diabetics or pregnant can inherit these in the genes and such skin symptoms might appear from collagen and blood vessel pilings up by skin-skin contacting. In their small bubbles, this gets trapped in the thick skin and they can be little or medium, depending what is what., but it is mostly in the ‘grape size’ range. They bear no pain as we said,  but do not pick them , the skin will react as if you pinch it for no reason.

In a USA study was stated that half of USA people have the skin tags from genes only. These tags go under the skin and sneak up, so you can suspect many reasons for this like hormones, weight issues, folding of skin, hygiene and so on.

Obese people and even those overweight are more prone to this because their skin folds more and has more creases and abrasion, but hormonal imbalance as well.

Pregnant women also have this risk with them due to hormonal changes inside.

If you use steroids be warned; the steroid created link with the collagen fiber in the skin and this is not supposed to happen. The steroid is bad in other ways too, not just for the skin – avoid them!

This is an inconvenience for sure but these skin changes are delicate, fragile, small, have trapped vessels of blood inside and even slightest friction will cause their bleeding or irritation. Try your best to remove them one at a time.

Keep in mind, these clusters on the skin are not dangerous, they might disappear on their own or require medical expertise.

Now for the warts.

Compared to the tags, these ARE CONTAGEOUS. For example sexual exposure to some wart will cause wart in you too. They are not excess skin patch like the tags and have a shape like cylinder with white and pink colors. You can see them as clusters, clumps, cauliflower…

They do not cause pain, but be careful to not pick or scratch them.

When a wart appears, it resembles a daisy but is more like a raisin. Thus, this is a top skin layer infection from human papilloma virus HPV infection that even has 100 different kinds!

This HPV virus could have lived in you for months or even years and suddenly it burst  through the skin and its cells, rapidly growing.

You cannot avoid these contacts; it is in handshakes, door knobs, almost everywhere. And this is why it is normal for some people to bear these warts all their lives on some skin areas.

Remember, even a small cut there must be immediately cleaned and disinfected for further prevention or bigger injury.

The wart will first attack spread you first and the other people, so seek medical advice to remove it as soon as you see it. Do it fast because you need prevention.

Removal methods

Let us talk natural and home remedies first.

Skin tag removal:

*clinical methods are always conducted by a medical expert*


Here is used electrolysis, or a small tiny needle with heated pin top is put onto a machine and transfers electricity in the skin cluster. This is basically safe burning of the tag.


The liquid nitrogen is not ice cream look as you think it is, it is also used for skin areas with a small metal instrument to chip off and make a solid wart remain or for calluses too.


This sounds weird but is basically a tiny rubber around the base of the skin patch, stopping blood supply there and letting the growth die by itself.


Scalper is the only word used here.

Natural remedies from home:

Try always natural and organic cures until you get the clinic appointment. Read these:

Tea tree oil

This oil is amazing and pleasant herbal oil. It is famous for skin issues and even cures birthmarks. The skin will get moisture and heal faster, so take 3-4 drops on cotton and put this on the skin. Rub gently and this will smoothen or flatten the skin bump. Use twice daily.

Castor oil paste

This is also a super oil. The taste is bitter, but for medicine and beauty is amazing. The hair is much thicker and healthier with it. For the skin some even use baking soda, so try mix this with castor oil and make skin tag removal paste. This works in month maximum. A citrus juice also removes this issue and try to crush a vitamin C pill for this use. Many cheap cosmetics are based on vitamin C that removes bacteria, dirt and mucus.


Get a cotton ball and dip it in ACV or just use a Q tip. This might sting you for a few minutes, but the bacteria will be killed. The tags can disappear in month and listen now: lemons, pineapple, lime – sound like smoothie recipe, right? The citric acid is potent and such fruits are great for skin tags to be removed in just a few weeks.

Aloe Vera gel

This is like pampering for the skin and especially handy for burns. The aloe Is mild, soothing and not heavy so you can use it every day, or make a paste with it.

Onion juice and garlic

The smell of this one is really strange and weird, but this mix is effective for the clusters on skin.


Get 2 pieces of this and rub them on the skin for at least 2 weeks.

Vitamin E

The best skin vitamin, get the oil of it and rub it on the skin 2 times per day, for 1 week minimum.

Fenugreek seeds

This is a herb full of antioxidants and you should soak it in a glass of water. Let it sit overnight and for breakfast sip it.

Prevention is the best cure for everything. This skin problem is natural and not fatal, but for everything try and consult the doctor.