The Best Tonic For Detox And Regulating Functions

beet-kvass-drinkThe detox of the body is a great way to flush toxins and start a good and healthy diet and diet habits too.

You see this word pop up everywhere and among this there is also the word ‘beet kvass’ and you do not know what It is. This is a medicine usage tonic of Eastern Europe and is made mostly from stale fermenting bread. It looks rich, fizzy and has a strange taste and many health benefits too.

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The key here is beetroot inclusion. They are really nutritious, rich colored veggies that are included in many health recipes that are DIY. Also, they cleanse and detox you and the liver and kidneys too, also digestion is much better than before.

The Kvass originates from Russia where they make it of stale rye bread! With many foods and drinks, just as with the kvass, it is made in various ways and in each various region. For example, in Ukraine it is good to have a bottle full with beet kvass in the house. This kvass is mixed with soups, vinaigrettes and borscht.

Beet kvass benefits

If the beet is turned into kvass with fermenting, this process increases the nutrition values a lot and it supports gut health with healthy bacteria and probiotics. This helps the body to get the most nutrients and benefits of every food.

4 oz kvass daily means you get a great natural and healthy tonic for good digestion, regularity in bathroom uses, alkalized blood, cleansed liver, kidney stone removal and other benefits.

If this is what you need and would want to try, see our recipe below.

The recipe for beet kvass

To make it on your own is excellent and really easy too. It takes just a few minutes and you will let this ferment a few days after it. The recipe is enough for 6 serves of kvass.

You need:

  • Purified water
  • 4 organic beetroots
  • 1 tbsp Himalayan salt
  • Flavorings: lemon, ginger, orange and spices
  • Glass jar of ½ gallon


Wash the beets and leave them unpeeled. Chop them in cubes and chunks and put them at the jar bottom. Then add the pure water in the jar and leave 1 inch empty space at the top. Add flavors, spices and salt.

Then cover with a cheesecloth, cloth or towel. Put rubber band to secure this lid.

Leave this at the kitchen counter for 3-5 days on room temperature and check this daily for sum formation under the ‘lid’.

The kvass is done and ready when it has a rich, deep and dark color or when you see the fizzing bubbles at the top.then remove this cloth and put lid instead, after this refrigerate.

When this is ready, have 3-4 oz two times per day to cleanse properly and have better bowel movements.

The beet kvass is the best and simplest way for cleansing and detox too. To make the liver and kidneys healthier too, prepare this right now.

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