The Causes Of Uterus Fibroids And Ways To Reduce Them And Shrink Them Also

A young woman in her 20s had uterine fibroids. The doctor said it was ‘family of fibroid tumors’ and they were benign. But also they worsened the PMS and cramps, caused pain during sex and the bleeding in menstruation got heavier.

She had surgery procedures and wanted to remove these tissues but they reappeared all the time. She even got diagnosis of possible infertility due to such growths. The diet was a sure part of this problem according to her since she was a vegetarian.

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Which foods cause such fibroids?

When her diet was analyzed it was stated that besides being vegetarian, she ate a lot of un-clean foods and some foods she ate all the time were the cause of the problem. Like:


Vegetarians eat a lot of soy as a protein source. This can be healthy in moderation, but in excess it makes fibroids for sure and even gout. The soy items (apart from fermented soy miso or tempeh) have a load of phytoestrogens really bad for women.

Soy milk

soy-milkThis milk is LOADED with estrogen and makes imbalance in hormones. The dominance of estrogen makes other problems with the health too besides fibroids. Some signs of too much estrogen are: endometriosis, menstrual blood clots, breast fibroids, infertility, irregular menstruation, weight gain, thyroid problems, low sex drive.

Birth control 

The oral meds birth control are usually given for menstrual heavy bleeding but they can worsen the fibroid issues. HRT or hormone replacement therapy is imitating the estrogen and makes more such growths.


Remains of such items and also artificial fertilizers for food crops also imitate the estrogen and impair hormonal balance. Stored foods and cooked foods in plastic do such harm too.

Processed food

Limit such foods that have laden additives and colors, flavors, preservatives, trans fats, emulsifiers, sugar and salt. They are liver-toxic and weaken the liver.

Other causes of uterine fibroids that are NOT vegetarian:

Avoid dairy and meat from commercial raising of animals since they receive antibiotics and hormones, even steroids! Such hormones are inside the meat and makes tumors grow bigger. If you really want meat and dairy, opt for organic and no hormone products.

Caution signs of possible fibroids:

Bladder problems

Outside uterine wall fibroids close to the bladder can press it and cause often urinating. If you noticed this, check it immediately.

Rectal pressure

Fibroids can grow also in the back of the uterus and press our rectum. This causes pain while passing waste and leads even to hemorrhoids.

Pain in the lower back

The fibroids in the out back wall in uterus can put pressure on spinal nerves and make pain unbearable. It worsens before menstruation.

Swollen lower abdomen

The big fibroids can make the belly look like that of a pregnant woman. It can even appear with no pain along.

Miscarriages or infertility

Many reasons can cause this, but fibroids are one of them too. Schedule an ultrasound scan to see if it is fibroids.

Heavy and long menstruation

The first obvious sign of such a problem. Too much blood clots or bleeding is dangerous and can lead to heavy anemia and excess bleeding. Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen and legs are noticed too.

Pain during intercourse

It depends on the size/location of the fibroid if the sex is really painful. Pay attention to positions too.

Prevent and shrink the fibroids

When you see the possible reasons and sign it is time for prevention or curing. Just stop with the habits that make the tumors larger! These below are some habits and advices on shrinking such fibroids:

  • Workouts- to be physical and eat healthy is the first best way in prevention. This will regulate ovulation days and reduce fibroid size.
  • Less stress- women tend to neglect this fact: stress damages the health! It steals nutrients, makes adrenal glands work weaker and damages organs as well. Not to mention, hormones will be out of balance.
  • More beans and legumes- eggs, avocados, chia seed, quinoa, beans, legumes are all great for protein. Avoid the soy and have these instead. Eat them in moderate amounts and know that they also prevent breast or cervix cancer too.
  • Liver-friendly foods- make the liver stronger by eating beets, dandelion, milk thistle, grapefruit. Try this liver beetroot juice.
  • Drinks- avoid coffee and alcohol and sodas too. They make you urinate a lot and dehydrate as well. A lot of sites say it is good to have green tea, but it is not that great! This tea stops iron nutrition and during menstruation iron is most needed, especially for anemic people.
  • Water- no more tap water since it has chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride. Try to install filter systems or buy bottled water. Also drink distilled water too.
  • Veggies and fruits- pile up on organic fresh produce. For recurring fibroids, try juices diets and green juices fasting to shrink the little tumors. What cleanses here is the chlorophyll that also causes alkalinity and heals the reproductive organs.
  • Supplements- some such supplements are great for shrinking and you can choose only one of these: chlorella, spirulina, omega 3, L-arginine, L-lysine, zinc or vitamin C. also consider Essiac Tea that has 8 healthy herbs for detox and healthy reproductive organs.
  • Herbs- some herbs are Dong quai, dandelion root, black cohosh, chasteberry, nettle tea, pau d’arco, turmeric…

Doctors will advise on surgeries of course or even hysterectomy for no more re-growths, but try changing the diets and unhealthy habits before such drastic measures. No more estrogen exposure and this way surgery is for sure avoided.