The Following Are Some Home Medicines Used When Treating Pneumonia

inilah-efeknya-bagi-tubuhmu-jika-kamu-suka-minum-teh-jahePneumonia it does not represent a disease which can be taken as if it is something easy and not dangerous at all. It is an extremely dangerous disease because if it is not treated as it should be it can provoke death. The following natural medicines do not cure pneumonia, the reason they have been made is in order to aid and make easier the side effects of the pills people take when treating pneumonia.

Pneumonia represents a disease when the lungs become inflamed and that usually occurs due to the appearance of a bacteria or virus. As we said before, if this inflammation is left untreated it is going to create some threatening symptoms for the life of the people who suffer from it. So, first of all wait some time in order to understand and discover the symptoms and signs you have and see if maybe you or some other people you know have some problems with this lung infection and only after that start taking these natural medicines.

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The following are some of the signs you should pay attention to such as, high fever, shallow breathing, fits, chest pain, bouts of coughs this is the appearance of dry to blood tinted mucus and shivering. When kids have this condition they also experience constipation, delirium as well as convulsion when they have problems with the condition of pneumonia.
If you start having problems like these ones, you start feeling these signs go immediately and check yourself at the closest hospital you have. Pneumonia is e condition which can be treated with very powerful anti-biotics and also some natural medicines.
Home medicines


Garlic represents an extremely famous antibiotic which is very helpful in the combat against infections and germs. The garlic is great for possibly killing the infection or helping in making better the effects of the medicines when treating pneumonia. Also, you do not have to worry about the good bacteria inside your system due to the fact that this bacteria it is going to stay intact by the antibiotic characteristics of the garlic. You can prepare this natural medicine by crushing 2 or 3 pieces of garlic cloves and then you can heat them up. When you notice that the juices from the garlic cloves start excreting then you should just slice the garlic and put it over your chest. Another thing you may do is to simply roast the garlic and then crush the garlic cloves and you can make a mixture of them all together with the oil of olive. Next, you are going to put this mixture to heat up and you are going to inhale the fumes in order to make easier the congestion. However, the very easy way of using the garlic is by eating it with your meals. In this way you are going to make better your immune system. One more thing which is very useful is if you put some onions within your diet of garlic in order to help in making higher the antioxidant inside the body and also it is helpful for making faster the recovery.


The best spice in the combat against pneumonia is the powder of turmeric. This powder it is consisted of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-oxidative and also antibacterial characteristics. This powder which has golden color it is enriched with volatile oils and also curcumin, these are extremely helpful for the health in general. You can prepare this medicines by simply making a mixture of half a teaspoon of powder of turmeric with milk. Then, you should warm the mixture a little bit and then simply consume two glasses of this beverage each day. This is going to be extremely helpful in combating against the infection as well as very helpful in making faster the process of healing. Then, here is one more way how you can use the turmeric, what you should do is to form one topical paste, make a mixture of half a teaspoon of honey with powder of turmeric. You can put the powder over your chest in order to reduce the effects of the symptoms. Also, if you want to acquire some nutritional goodness you can simply put a little bit of powder of turmeric when you are cooking.


Ginger represents an extremely popular and well known around the world type of medicine which is very helpful in lowering the infection in the respiratory system which appears because of the pneumonia. This is probably going to be of big help when it comes to making better the healing characteristics of the remedy. Ginger has a lot of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic as well as antibacterial characteristics. Ginger may be used as fresh one or also in the form of powder. This natural medicine can be made by simply using crushed or grated garlic together with fresh juice of lemon. You should consume this mixture two times during the day. Also, if you want to make the taste a little better simply put some honey in it. Then, you may do the following thing in order to use the ginger and that is to brew some ginger in order to prepare the tea. With making a powder of ginger and powder of turmeric people can prepare a paste which can be used topically.

Parsnip Juice

Parsnip is great for helping and making faster the healing process of pneumonia. An extremely good medicines can be made when the juice from the root and leaves is being extracted or from the parsnip. The juice is very helpful for healing pneumonia and for making better the signs and symptoms of the remedies used against pneumonia. The juice made of parsnip is filled with chlorine and phosphorous which may be very helpful for the bronchial and lung system against infection. The juice of parsnip it is possible to be extracted with the process of boiling or with the normal, traditional way. In order to make faster the healing process you should consume 250 ml of the beverage every single day.
Pneumonia does not represent an easy disease where you can use homemade medicines to cure it and some good rest. As we mentioned before people should treat this disease because if not it may bring a bunch of serious damages and negative things which cannot be reversed. Again, the moment you start seeing and feeling the many signs and symptoms this disease has go and visit your doctor immediately. You have to get the right medicines in order to cure this disease and combat against the infection itself. Keep following the medicines you use to the T in order to secure the healing.