The Geadache Tells You Of The Health Problems You Might Have

35_573b31315ae1aA lot of people if not all, have headaches but there is also a trick to help you remove this pain for good. You just need to consume banana and drink lots of water!

This of course is just an advice, not a magic trick. This is because of many headache types, there are emerging many dealing and curing methods for them and each is different. It might be of dehydration, fatigue or even serious health issues.

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The doctor Sakib Qureshi MD is neurologist and he said that headaches are red signs of warning for the health!

We must know more on our headache to know which health issue is arisen inside in case it is alarming.

If the headache happened already, we don’t have to rush with pills, we can just try something else instead or at least check with the doctor.

4 types are the main headache types. If you know their signs, it is not a problem to treat them in time.

Wait before you take a painkiller, that is just short term help. See these natural methods and try them for each type:

1. Sinus headache

If we have inflamed sinus, that pain is really bad and serious. This is due to some infection and it presses the eyes, cheeks and forehead accompanied by fever. Cure: be hydrated a lot! Have warm water because it will soothe and relax the inflammation areas and open the sinus pathways. Also have oranges and some foods that are rich in vitamin C. have lemon water, green tea and antioxidant drinks like these to remove infection. Also, apply cold and hot compress, eat some soup, have ginger tea to reduce inflammation and pain.

2. Tension headache

Another common type that shows through pressure and head pain, mostly in the neck back side and temples too. To add, the eyes also are under pain and pressure. You might feel nausea or vomit. The stress makes the muscles contract and make the neck and scalp stiff. Mix some mint oil and ginger tea for pain removal. The mint might make you feel ‘cool’ to the hairline. This will relax you and consider having ginger tea to fight the inflammation.

3. Cluster headache

This is mostly around the eyes or one eye only. Women suffer from it more than men. It can reoccur and cause worse pain to one head side only. This will result in a watery eye or nasal congestion and runny nose. The reason is not known, but it occurs if the nerve paths mix with the work of some brain areas. Cure: capsaicin cream with cayenne pepper! Put a bit on the nostril or under it and block the pain paths and nerves.

4. Migraine

The target group is vast from 25 to 55. And almost everyone can have this. In USA, more than 38 million people have migraine pain. This is a complex and serious headache since it is linked to many neurological signs. It means serious, intense and awful pain on one head side only. Half of these attacks happen on both sides or one side, goes same way. The migraine is a combination of vomiting, nausea, pain, visual problems, dizziness, light sensitivity, smell, sound and touch irritations, and even numb face. These start from the head top and go down. Cure: a lot of people felt better with B12 vitamin or riboflavin, also omega 3 fat acids which are healthy and magnesium too. Include all of these in the daily diet.

In a study from 2011 was aid that aerobic workouts are good for migraine prevention and act like the med Topiramate. Besides healthy diet habits, also be physically active!