A Woman Had Lemon And Honey For A Whole Year And Something Interesting Happened

honey-lemon-juice-drinkThere are many lemon benefits and honey too across the internet. Crystal Davis decided to make a mix of those 2 and get all the benefits. So, she started a yearly experience with warm water, honey and lemon.

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She said she needed to confirm this mix is really healthy. The outcome stunned her and she even advised her loved ones to try this.

A great mix combo

The lemon and honey are natural cures for cold and flu for many centuries back even. But, still people do not get all the benefits and info on this matter.

  • Honey– a liquid, natural elixir and cure that kills bacteria. The honey makes immunity stronger and healing faster.
  • Lemon juice– this juice has loads of vitamin C and strengthens immunity too.

When these are mixed, you get the best natural healing cure. But there is more than just healing cold and flu…


Crystal had colds and flu really often. Every  time she got these she would immediately buy beds of the pharmacy. But, one day she tried out the lemon and honey water before breakfast, after every waking up. During this time she saw many benefits and continued to have this drink. But what were those benefits?

  • Morning energy with no coffee need
  • No UTIs and urinary problems, a natural diuretic and cleanser of the system
  • Better and glowing skin. Honey makes more collagen and lemon cleanses the blood
  • Easier weight loss

You need to:

Slice lemon in halves, then juice it. Add 1 tsp honey and mix in some warm water.

Have this after every waking up, every morning before eating a meal. After a few weeks, the results will amaze you and immunity will burst with health!

Source: www.stethnews.com

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