Do Not Let Your Children Watch Peppa Pig – Psychologists Warn Parents

Nowadays, Peppa pig is probably the most popular cartoon all over the world. It was initially released in 2004, and it stimulated the creation of various toys, games, books, clothes, and all sorts of merchandise.

However, according to the findings of researchers at the Harvard University, Peppa Pig, and the giggly pigs are one of the leading causes of autism among children.

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Experts claim that they can provide evidence that the increased disrespectful, impolite, questioning behavior in children can be attributed to this cartoon.

For instance, this pig is quite rude and her parents let her get away with murder. Also, when Peppa and her brother refuse to tidy their room, their parents made it into a game, and eventually, the children trashed the room again, laughing arrogantly.

Parents are also displeased with the way their children started eating only sweets and keep refusing vegetables and healthy foods, saying ‘no’ or ‘yuck’.

Additionally, many children have started to jump in muddle puddles on the way to school.  Some parents also reacted to a voiceover by Peppa Pig, where one of the lines she says sounds very similar to the “F” word.

If we review the features of Peppa, we can state that she:

  • Shows inappropriate behavior;
  • is impolite
  • is competitive
  • is disrespectful
  • Arrogant and proud
  • is envious
  • she imposes her ideas regardless of others’ opinions;
  • is intolerant;
  • Suffers from the syndrome of superiority.

Numerous parents banned the cartoon from being watched at home as their children started copying her behavior.

Therefore, scientists warn that parents should be aware of the impact of what their children watch to their development and behavior. This cartoon is nothing special, and may negatively affect the brain of children, as it even 80% of it develops during the initial few months until the age of three.

Furthermore, even though studies are (hopefully) wrong and this cartoon does not cause autism, it definitely leads to rude, naughty behavior and rebellion through imitation.

The disrespect Peppa and George show to their parents is extremely concerning and may negatively affect the behavior of your child as well.