Forget About Giving Out Money On Pedicure Treatment: Instead You Can Simply Use The Following Two Ingredients Which You Are Going To Find In Your Kitchen And You Will Have Clean And Nice Feet

mWhat is the look on your feet can say many things about you. To Be Honest A Bunch Of People Always Try To Have A Nice, Clean, Well Protected Feet, however there are also people who have let’s say awful look of their feet and that is usually due to the bad hygiene they have.

A lot of people admit that they honestly do not pay too much attention and do not really care when it comes to the look of their feet opposed to how careful they are when it comes to the hygiene of the feet. They say that this is mostly happening because the pedicure treatments are not cheap at all, plus they lose a lot of time by going to a beauty salon for a pedicure.

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However, these reasons can stop being believed in due to the fact that people have created DIY medicines which mean that some medicines exists that may be very helpful for care of dry, scaly, flaky and tired feet.

The most important thing regarding this medicine made at home is that the necessary ingredients you are going to find them inside the kitchen.

The following things are going to give you a couple of advices in order to have back the cooling, loving and soft feet.

These are the two necessary ingredients:
  • Baking soda — 3 tablespoons
  • Milk — 2 to 4 cups

And I am sure that these ingredients you are going to find in your kitchen

How to prepare it:

– Take the milk and let it to get warm a little bit. Then, the next step is to put the basin into this and then just put a little bit of baking soda and then you are going to stir nicely. After that, you should simply put the feet into this mixture for approximately 10 minutes.

– Then you are supposed to wash the feet with lukewarm water and to dry it using some clean towel or rug.

– Put some cream on your feet

By doing this process constantly you are going to get some nice, clean, tender, clean, smooth and most importantly healthy.