Immune-Boosting! Elderberry and Rose Hips Tonic!


These days, when the weather is cold, we are all prone to fly and colds. In this article we are going to help you boost your immune system and protect yourself from diseases with a natural homemade recipe.

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We are going to recommend you an elderberry and rose hips tonic which will stimulate your circulation, boosts your metabolism and improve your health.

These fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrients which are extremely beneficial for our health.

Ingredients you will need for preparation:

  • 450 g elderberry
  • 350 g rose hips
  • 450g brown sugar


Put the ingredients in a bow and leave them to boil for several minutes till the syrup consistency is reached.


Mix two tablespoons of the syrup in a glass of warm water and drink it every morning as a preventative or to treat cold symptoms.

It is very easy for preparing and you will need only 20 minutes to make this incredible tonic.

Try it and enjoy it!

Source: Best Healthy Food TIps