Make A Home Master Cleanse And Survive It

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detox-e1384377122907The most famous fad diet lately is the fad diet called lemonade diet, or named master cleanse too. it was invented in 1940 first and by Stanley Burroughs, naturopath doctor for ulcers. He was one of those who cured people with natural methods and cures.

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He started this and said the toxins are the biggest illness causer in the world. This cleanse was one way to make the body clean itself and heal better.

He said also lack of workouts cause diseases and bad diets of course too. such habits make many toxins piled up inside us and create imbalance.

This diet removes those toxins and we flush all the bad bacteria of inside. This detox is made with a liquid diet with lemonade. You need lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

The detox is basically having this lemon mix for 10 days or 14 tops. This is like diuretic and laxative so keep track of having it in the mornings or evenings. Do not eat other foods or solid food, but be unlimited in water.

This is in 3 parts. 1. Get used to this diet. 2. Lemon detox and 3. Back to solid foods.

Some skip number one and start the detox directly. You can do that but also consider a healthy diet or vegetarian one and this is not really smart in fact if you have 3 meals per day, so you will have to adjust.

Then in the next 10 days, start to drink saltwater to get ready for the cleanse. Mix 2 tsp salt and 1 qt. filtered water to have before breakfasts. As far as the lemonade part goes, mix 2 tbsp lemonade and 2 tbsp maple syrup with 1/10 cayenne pepper in 8 oz water. Shake. Drink. Have this 3 times minimum per day and maximum 12. In between have more water.

Then before sleeping at night, have diuretic tea and remove more urine toxins.

Those who tried this cleanse said it is the best digestive cleanse there is since with those liquids you do not crave fast foods.

And since it has just liquids you can also lose weight.

After the 10 days are done, start eating solid foods slowly, start with soft ones like veggies, fruits and soups.

This cleanse is not long term in effect for weight and cleanse too. Have a healthy lifestyle and talk with the doctor before trying this out.


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