Remove All Toxins From the Body in 3 Days A Method That Prevents Cancer and Removes Excess Water!



In this article we are going to give you a natural remedy which will help you detox your body and feel healthier than ever.

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The night before you take this remedy you must start the cleansing method. Drink one cup of herbal laxative tea.

The next morning prepare a drink with lemon juice. Mix 2 cups of water with one cup lemon juice and drink it on an empty stomach.

Then when you consume your breakfast you need to drink 1 cup of grapefruit juice. During the day make a carrot juice and drink it before lunch. Carrots are beneficial for the respiratory tract because they are rich in beta carotene and they help us eliminate the toxins from our body.

Next prepare a powerful juice which contains potassium, by squeezing sea greens, parsley, celery, carrots and spinach. Potassium is an antioxidant which is great for body detoxification. Consume one cup of this juice with your lunch.

Before going to bed, drink 340 ml cranberry juice which will help against bacteria in your lungs. Repeat these three days and you will notice the difference. The result will be unbelievable. You will eliminate all the fats and toxins from your body.

Source: Good Morning Center