The 8 Hand Poses That Yoga Experts Do For Migraine, Depression And Anxiety

Yoga is an activity many people like since it is healthy, relaxes you and your mind and makes you feel good overall. It was even confirmed that yoga can make the work of the parasympathetic system better.

Boosting this system makes you relaxed and balances the whole body. Yoga is just as good as and better than regular workouts and it reduces stress more than the rest of activities.

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It aims for the mental health, memory boost and anxiety issues. Also, you will breathe better, learn to meditate and do simple gestures too.

We have 8 basic ‘mudras’ of the hand for treating problems. You can do them anytime and anywhere, they need almost no time as well.

The mudras are hand and finger gestures that are done during meditation (pranayama) or breathing techniques. These are also described as scripts with Hindu and Buddha images. And they can take up the whole body not just some parts.

This yogi tradition says they control the energy flow in the body and make the brain work better. They even heal many problems and make you healthier. Esoterically speaking, every finger is a natural element, air, water, earth, fire and ether.

These are the mudras that can cure anxiety, depression, migraine and other issues:

1. Mudra of the life-prana mudra

Crucial one for the body energy and immunity. It cures eyesight problems, insomnia and even reduces hunger cravings. Use the tips of the ring and little finger, touch the thumb and the other fingers are straight. Do this anytime of the day for energy.

2. Mudra of the earth-prithvi mudra

This one is handy for fatigue and stress, it makes you less weak, aids in digestion, makes better blood flow too. touch the tips of fingers ring and thumb, and press. The others are extended and for better effect, do this in the morning.

3. Mudra of the fire-agni mudra

Also named Surya Mudra, or OF THE SUN, cures anxiety, weight problems and digestion issues. Also makes the thyroid work better. Bend the ring finger and put pressure on the thumb opposite the 2nd Other fingers are stretched. Do this in the morning, before you eat and sit down. After 10 min, and 2 times daily you will see the benefit. And if the weather is hot, do not do this too often.

4. Mudra of the heart-apanu vaya mudra

This is good for those victims of heart attack since it makes the heart healthier. Touch the thumb tip with the help of middle finger and ring finger. The index is touching the thumb base with a slight pressure, and the little finger is stretched. Hold 15 minutes.

5. Mudra of the knowledge-gyan mudra

This one increases wisdom and focus, but also memory. It is good for insomnia and makes better work of the endocrine and pituitary glands too. This is the best for meditation. Touch the thumb tip with the index finger and the other fingers are stretched. Or you can bend them a bit. For optimal results, do this in the morning, and you can lie down, sit or stand.

6. Mudra of the water-varun mudra

This has best results for the skin and its moisture and it keeps the healthy fluids of the body in best shape. Touch the thumb and little finger tips and the rest are stretched. To stop dehydration, NEVER press the nail on the little finger. Do this anytime in the day and of course, sit. Avoid it in case of asthma or respiratory issues.

7. Mudra of the air-vayu mudra

This is good for chronic rheumatic issues, paralysis, gout, arthritis, Parkinson’s, cervical spondylitis too. It removes excess air and gasses off the belly. Only the thumb has 2 bones, and every other finger has 3. Hold the index with the thumb base against the distal phalanx. The thumb is on the index and pressed. Rest are stretched, again. Do this anytime in the day for 45 seconds. More than this leads to imbalanced body so stop it when you feel good already.

8. Mudra of the emptiness-shunya mudra

For hearing and ear pain, this is the best. Middle finger is bent, the thumb is over it and the distal phalanx is pressed with the base of thumb and middle finger. Other fingers are stretched and when the pain is gone, stop this gesture.