The Best 6 Benefits Of The Process “Skin Icing”

Do you know what this is and what is the benefit of it for our skin?

Read more below and be amazed.

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1. Glowing and radiant skin

When you put ice on the skin, the blood flow is improved and the skin gets a better glow. For even more glow, consider fruit ice cubes.

2. Less blemishes

The ice reduces blemishes and inflammations, pimples too. apple the ice on the acne areas a few seconds and do this every night.

3. Dark circles removal

Mix cucumber juice and rose water for the eye skin area. This also makes you look less puffy.

4. Toner for the skin

A cheap skin toner with best results. Do this before make up to make the pores smaller before applying anything else on the skin. The foundation will look perfect.

5. Makeup replacement

If you have no time for make up, quickly put ice cubes in a towel and get a healthier and better natural look in no time.

6. Prevention of wrinkles

Ice slows fine lines and visible aging signs.

For the icing, keep in mind a few things:

1. The icing is done with NO towel, but also you must wear gloves to hold the ice longer.

2. Use wrap or cloth sometimes, the effect is more or less the same, but for the face try to use a cloth.

3. Too much cold damages capillaries in the skin so wait a few seconds after you get the ice off the freezer.

4. If the skin is already damaged, avoid the ice or hold I less on the skin.

5. If the cold feels bad, stop right away. Other than that, 15 minutes is enough.

6. For the ice cubes water add lemon, green tea, rosewater, chamomile tea, cucumber juice and other such items.