The Best Alkaline Diet Good For Every Cancer Patient. Important To Know Now!

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alkaline-diet-info-every-cancer-patient-needs-read-immediatelyThe pH balance in the body is really crucial for everyone of us, not just cancer people. the general health depends on the pH and to be healthy you must have this in balance.

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Raw Food Health stated that our body has many pressures to have normal alkaline pH of 7.35, but bad habits, stress and bad food make this impossible and we become acidic.

Sadly, to have alkaline body is hard to achieve since we all eat unhealthy, not organic, ingest toxns and chemicals, junk foods, microwave dishes and more.

Such diets make acidic bodies and raise our risk of cancer foremost.

It is crucial t have a healthy diet, alkaline diet per se, and be healthy overall.

We have some good info for you today to make the pH normal again and be alkaline too. an alkaline diet will restore your health and reduce inflammation.

  • This is based on green leafy veggies, cabbage, cauliflower, herbs, broccoli, spices, roots, nuts, seeds, beans, peas, lentils, onion, garlic, chives, leek and no-gluten grains like rice.
  • Eat as much fruit and veggies as you can, also 2-4 oz meat, poultry and fish few times weekly
  • NO SUGAR, since cancer feeds on sugar. One cancer cell uses glucose more than a healthy cell. Also magnesium is reduced by eating sugar and cancer risk is bigger. Natural sugars are okay, like agave and honey but they too must be avoided. Have natural apple sauce, figs, dry apricots and pineapple.
  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD of Cornell University Cow made a study where It was said that dairy causes cancer more than other foods, since it has casein protein.

So, dairy also have to be avoided for cancer cases because they have high acid producing, inflame you, damage the bones and make cancer thrive more.

  • Avoid glutinous grains to avoid inflammation. Avoid at all costs high-gluten grains; rye, pasta, whole grains, bread, cookies, muffins, crackers, baked goods.

Switch them for non-gluten foods like buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and avid so called ‘gluten-free’ items since they already have added oils and sugars.


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