The Week Lasting Juice Fast

resep-jus-buah-untuk-diet-sehat-menurunkan-berat-badanTo juice veggies and fruits is a way to give the body energy, be healthier, feel fresh and even lose weight. If you feel bloated, fat, or unhealthy, this will give you all the needed vitamins and minerals to be well again. Healthy diet and workouts are the main steps, but juices too. Make a juice and see what it will cause.

The most famous juice trend is the 7 days fast with juices. This was even approved by celebrities and affirmed to be good by doctors that promote detoxes and reset the body. Those that lasted this fast look more energized, healthier and even with less weight.

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534184faf08d14bbe2bd6101502e7cb9Juicing fundamentals

Juicing is key for health and the items used are just raw fruits. The body needs as much raw food as possible for best nutrients daily. With a good choice of raw foods, you will unclog arteries, have good digestion and cleanse the blood too. Toxin removal means losing weight, having speedy metabolism, getting more nutrients and having more energy. And this is 100% safe since it is all natural.

The fast of one week

Cleaning the body with veggies and fruits must not be an obligation on daily basis, but a regime to follow with time. Such a healthy wellness plan needs little time to be organized.

For example, this fast will reset the inside processes hampered by stressors like stress, toxins, pollutants and preservatives in foods. This is the fastest detox way and aid in weight loss. This means more nutrients for the body by raw and unfiltered juices. Unlike regular fasting with almost no food, this fast includes raw veggies and fruits. So, it is not just fasting simply put, it is a process where unhealthy foods are removed and replaced with pure, fresh and raw produce.

fruits-and-vegetablesIf you use them wisely, this fast will have amazing results. The skin will glow, the tummy will be flat and you will feel energized, fresh, light.

Juiced produce here has no fibers , but instead gives hydration, nutrition and plant enzymes. Fibers are great for nutrition, and a week with no fibers mean the body needs less energy to spend for digestion and more time and energy for detoxing instead. Juices get old acidic residue off the body. Once this is removed, all the processes are sped up and metabolism is faster.

Try these for other things, not just weight loss. Use them for headaches, diarrhea, constipation, stress, fatigue, anxiety. Remove toxins and be more energetic – especially for workouts.

To make this fast excellent in the end, prepare yourself first, both mentally and physically for  that week. This sounds scary, but this is just a juice fast so you will not feel too starved and you will still get all the nutrients. There are no special rules, just mix any fruits and veggies for 7 days. But, some rules exist like:

  • At least 50% of those juices must be of green veggies. If you dislike them, mix it with fruits for the sweet taste. Use this freely, since the fruit sugar is healthy. Also, the juice must NOT be JUST fruits, but veggies too. Otherwise, you will gain weight, have bacteria and yeasts or infections too.


  • Opt for fruits with simple sugar like lemons, berries or grapefruit. They make you alkaline and have low sugar levels.
  • For the juice amount you have daily, talk with a food expert or doctor before you start the fast. This is just to make sure what you need for a good balance in electrolytes. And, have 3 liters juice to make the detox better.
  • Also, take time off from workouts, since they will tire you more. Sleep well and get some rest.

Now you know about the juice fast and what to do with it for weight loss and detox. Try it even today!