10 Symptoms That You Are Vitamin D Deficient and How to Get Enough!



Vitamin D is essential for our body. It controls the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, improves the function of our immune system and is very important for our bones, teeth and muscle.

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The deficiently of this vitamin can lead to a serious health disorders. Nowadays numerous of people suffer from it. Here we are going to give you the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency:

  1. Weakness of the bones and muscle

If you have a weakness of muscles or bones it may be a sigh of vitamin D deficient.

  1. Depression

Deficiency of vitamin D affects our mood and can cause depression or sadness.

  1. Sensitivity to pain

If you have low levels of vitamin D you may be sensitive to pains

  1. Gum diseases

This deficiency can be the reason why our gums bleed and swell

  1. High blood pressure

It was confirmed that hypertension can be related with deficiency of vitamin D

  1. Chronic fatigue

People without enough vitamin D feel chronic fatigue and lack of energy.

  1. Obesity

People with extra weight need more vitamin D in their body.

  1. Gut problem

People who suffer from celiac, Crohn’s sensitivity to gluten and from bowel diseases, cannot absorb fat normally. It can be connected with vitamin D.

  1. Head sweating

If you have a head sweater it may be an early sign of vitamin D deficiency.

  1. Allergies

People with low levels of vitamin D are at greater risk to develop allergies.

Natural sources of vitamin D:

– Salmon

– Yolk

– Shrimp

– Egg

– Sardines

Fortified sources of vitamin D:

  • Orange juice
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cereals

Note: If you have some symptoms of the vitamin D deficiency you must consult your doctor immediately!