A Month Before An Attack, The Body Will Give You Signals

The heart attack is the first lead cause for USA deaths and you always must know what the signals are in time. The number of all attacks in USA is because we have unhealthy habits and bad food diets. Apart from inflammation, stress also causes this heart attack.

The first way to save yourself is to have a healthy lifestyle and also less stress. Nonetheless, read more on the signs:

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1. Weakness in body

When the arteries are tighter you and the muscles feel weak too.

2. Dizzy and sweaty

The bad blood flow is less blood to the brain. This makes you cold and hot, dizzy and sweaty and clammy even. Thus the brain works slower and worse.

3. Chest pressure

The major sign is tight chest as well. This will spread to other body parts like the arms, shoulders, back and more.

4. Flu and cold

Many attack survivors said that they had a cold or flu right before the attack.

5. Fatigue

Chronic fatigue will make the blood flow better to the heart, but if the arteries are narrowed, the heart gets less blood and you must see a doctor.

6. Short breaths

Another sign of tight arteries and reduced blood flow. Now the lungs get little oxygen and they affect every other organ.

All these signs are vital to prevent an attack in time. Also, less stress, more moving, healthy diet and no vice.