Best Uses For Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is a great food item but also has many other purposes. It is anti bacterial and kills fungi too but is used for much more!

So just to say, we have 2 kinds of coconut oil. Refined and unrefined. The refined is expeller pressed and is much processed that every nutrients is gone. It is useful but the effect is just minor. The unrefined or virgin oil is not processed and is perfect for effects. Always opt for GMO organic virgin oil.

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The uses are in this list:

For beauty

1. Moisturizing

It makes the skin amazing and soft and penetrates deep compared to other oils. It does not just soak and gives you dry skin after a while. Actually it heals the skin. Use it as lotion or moisturizer. Just use a small amount and even greasy at first, after a few minutes it will seep in the kin and the skin ends up softer and is great for dry skin types.

2. Conditioner

Perfect for skin but also for scalp and hair too. Apply this on hair ends ,keep them healthy and soft. Also get no more frizz and dandruff. Use a bit and this is vital if you leave it for a while so do not make the hair greasy. Or after applying wash the hair mildly.

3. No acne

Too much sebum makes the skin dry but oily so this means the dry insides want to make the skin on the outside hydrated. Too much oil causes acne. More oil is not a good thing since the coconut hydrates well and controls the sebum for the acne.

4. Exfoliator

Add ratio 1:1 coconut and baking soda for the skin. This removes dead skin cells and dirt and the skin is softer and whiter.

5. Shaving

Replace the shave cream with coconut. It has no chemicals and makes the skin smoother so the razor glides easily and leaves no irritation and bumps.

For cooking

1. As oil

Replace veggie oil with coconut one. It is even better than butter even butter has more flavor. But coconut is healthier than them all.

2. For pans

This oil is amazing and better than Crisco or veggie oils for pan greasing.

3. Ingredient

Many meals can be made with this. Ice cream, dressings, mayo or granolas.

As home remedies

1. Sore throat

Swallow this oil and honey too and relieve the soreness.

2. Inflammation

This oil kills inflammation and soothes eczema, bug bites and skin ivy infections. Apply on the needed area.

3. Bacteria and fungus

It kills bacteria and fungi too so it cures athlete’s foot, toe fungi and other. Rub it gently. Also speed wound healing by the benefits of killing fungi and bacteria.

4. Sunburns

Add 1:1 of this and aloe and relieve the burn of sun. it is also soothing so refrigerate for more cooling effect.