Get 1 Lime Juice And Add In Some Olive Oil

If you need a natural cure to remove fatigue this is it. We talk about lemon juice and olive oil, 2 items that clean the body of waste and toxins.

By doing this cleanse you refresh the body and get boosted energy for the whole day.

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This cure was used a long time for plethora issues. Let’s see this in details.

The olive oil is from whole olives and the key item is this in every Mediterranean diet. It has good fatty acids that produce more waste removal and keep the cholesterol healthy. The Greeks and Romans adored this oil and said it was like liquid gold.

But then again, the lemons are the best fruits on the planet. They have minerals and vitamins and heal many problems. When you mix these two, they have a lot of health benefits.

Some of them are for:

1. Rheumatism

This mix reduces inflammation and is good for this issue. It also removes pain in joints.

2. Heart issues

This cure stops heart problems and has many healthy acids, they reduce bad cholesterol and make the blood flow better.

3. Better gallbladder, kidney and liver

Many experts say this mix is best consumed in the mornings before you eat anything to stop gallstones to form. Having this with a glass of water can detox the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.

4. Less constipation

The oil is like laxative and helps in constipation. With the juice it cleanses you and removes waste but also makes digestion better.