Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss and Make it Grow Like Crazy!


It is proven than Guava Leaves can increase platelets for people with dengue fever and can avoid hair lose. We have a lot of products which contain compounds from Guava Leaves and if we use them every day they can be very effective for our hair.

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Why you should start using Guava Leaves for your hair?

This plant is rich with vitamin B. We all know that this vitamin protects our health and hair fertility.

What we should do?

Firstly we must put guava leaves in one liter boiling water and leave them for 20 minutes. Then when the water cools down we can start using it.

We can also rub water decoction of guava leaves on our scalp and hair roots like a tonic.

We can try to massage our scalp with it and leave it to stay for few hours. If we want to see the results we must repeat this every day and after several weeks the difference will be obvious. This kind of tonic will prevent hair loss and will strengthen the roots and hair follicles.