Honey Can Kill Every Bacteria, Scientists Say, Even Super-Bugs!

The raw honey is healthy as we know, but experts said that some kind of honey can kill every bacteria there is, especially the worst ones.

The study results in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases claimed that this is better since antibiotics are not improving anything lately per se.

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We talk of the Manuka honey or jelly bush honey of New Zealand. It has became more and more popular since many fake items exist out there. So, New Zealand manuka makers wanted a trademark, just like the Scottish whiskey and champagne of France. After all this, the manuka honey is the best you can get!

It can kill superbugs and MRSA

 This honey is made of bees getting the nectar of Leptospermum Scoparium, manuka bush, and also the Australian tea trees.

As by the Australian, this honey can kill pathogens and bacteria tested many times before. It can be used internally or topically for the skin, cuts and so on.

The best part of this honey means no superbugs, amazing immunity and is much better than antibiotics.

The new shelf life antibiotics are making  you incredibly resistant said the dr. Dee Carter, University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences. A lot of pharma companies left the antibiotics since the recover costs are much bigger. With making better alternatives, more lives can be saved.

Certer said that the Manuka honey is best for killing bacteria and what kills this bacteria is the item methylglyoxal that causes tissue failure.

Where can you get this honey?

You can get it at health stores and even online, so supplies are out there. So, when you buy this, get the UMF one. This means Unique Manuka Factor that is like a phytochemical of the manuka bush. You can get all Manuka items on Amazon.com.

On Amazon there is something called Comvita honey that is UMF and can eliminate the MRSA.

It was also said that much studies were made when was found out that MRSA is in many people, including this person that testified. He got it under the username JoshuaOne9 and on Amazon. The best part is when the red bump on the skin was scratched, it started to look the next day like MRSA – BUT there is more. He got the Manuka and placed it on the skin. After a few days, the pain was gone.

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There is much to be studied here and known, but for sure the Manuka honey is the best in the world.