Onions Are Great For You, But They Are Even Miraculous!

Despite the taste and smell and aroma, the onion can treat many illnesses and support our health. the onions remove inflammation and even treat vomiting. They are full with antioxidants like the quercetin that removes free radicals. Also, they have sulfur that is an antiseptic and can be like antibiotic.

Their benefits are:
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • The flavonoids and sulfur treat diabetes
  • Treating arthritis
  • Treating heart issues

This veggie is not just food, but a cure too for many issues, like:

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1. Cough

Peel a big onion and cut it in half. Add 1 tbsp brown sugar on each half and let it sit that way for a whole hour. Have this 2 times daily.

2. Vomiting

Make mint tea and let it cool off. Get the juice of the onion with cheesecloth and take 2 tsps of this. After 5 min, take 2 tsps of the mint tea and wait 10 min before the method. Repeat until all signs disappear and after 20 min, the nausea is gone.

3. Fever

Mix the slices of onion and add coconut oil. Massage the feet with this and also put a few slices in the feet soles, put socks on and sleep.

4. Less congestion in chest

Mix this with coconut oil (the onion) and make it a paste. Put this on the chest and secure it with a towel and shirt to be warmed up. Then wash this off.

5. Ear infections and pain

Chop some onion and put it where it hurts. Put bandage and hat and remove this when the pain is gone.

6. Cuts

The onion seethrough skin is antiseptic and stops skin damage, so put this right after you bleed. For colic, this was used by the Cherokee for curing colic in kids. Boil the onion slices and in a bit of water. Let this cool and drain it. Then make the kid take a tsp every hour.

7. Cleanser of air

Onion can kill any virus and bacteria in the air and must be spread around the house.

Other onion uses:
  • Massage skin with onion to prevent freckles
  • Rub onion slices on scalp for hair growth
  • Rub onion on skin for insect bites
  • Prevent moths by putting onion in clothes
  • Protect plants from pests and bugs, so boil them and spray the onion aromatic juice
  • Use these slices to polish and clean glass and copper
  • Clean the iron with onion for the rust removal

This onion use was recommended by WHO or World Health Organization, as far as we speak of cough, cold, flu, bronchitis, infections and congestion, think of onion!

Source: thinkhealthytips.com