What Will Happen If You Eat 3 Dates Every Day?

The date fruit is the sweetest fruit on the planet and is in various forms too. It can be eaten fresh but also dry, when it looks like a raisin or plum. Fresh or dry, it is healthy and beneficial.

If you need more copper, potassium and fiber get dates. They are nutritious and good for you.

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Adding dates in the diet is also good for other benefits besides sweet tooth cravings. Choose the dates that are plump, smooth, not broken and with wrinkled skin. Avoid the rancid smell dates that are hardened.

Dry dates can be kept for a whole year in the fridge. When they are fresh, they must be seeded and in the fridge in a container too, but only for 8 months.

Dates benefits
1. Better digestion

Dates have many fibers. The soluble fibers get water off the digestive tract and in case of constipation, this is amazing. Also diarrhea is cured this way since dates ease up the bowels. Any gut issue is helped with dates and good bacteria is kept.

2. Balance in iron

Dates are full of iron and this is vital for anemia people. Also you get more energy.

3. Healthy heart

Studies shown that heart benefits from dates, but only when they are soaked overnight and crushed before eating in the morning. The potassium in them is great and reduces stroke risks and other such issues. Also this fruit reduces the bad LDL cholesterol and stops further heart problems.

4. Fast energy

Dates have good natural sugars. This is fructose and glucose, great as snack during the day for quick energy boosting. The fiber in them makes you energetic and you won’t have a sugar crash after this.

5. Stronger bones

The magnesium, manganese and selenium are vital for the bones. Dates provide all of this and must be eaten daily in moderation.