A Study Claimed Coconut Oil Is Better Than A Toothpaste

Good body care is vital for everyone if we want good health and look. Also, dental care is the pillar for health and hygiene. This care can stop or prevent infections, tooth decay, cavities and more. But, bad mouth care can make more risks of stroke, dementia, heart issues and respiratory issues too. Besides brushing teeth, also you must visit a dentist all the time, eat healthy foods…

Luckily, you can get many natural items to keep the mouth healthy and good and one such item is the coconut oil.

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This oil is versatile and cheap but also really healthy. Lately, the dental uses were more and more popularized so it can even replace the toothpastes.

More on the study

Recently, a study of the Athlone Institute said this oil is the best for dental care. It is antibacterial and stops mouth bacteria with digestion enzymes. Also, it stops tooth decay against the Streptococcus and S mutants. These bacteria are from sugars inside the mouth when it gets too acidic and this makes tooth decay.

The main lead Dr. Damien Brady said the coconut oil works even in small amounts. Also it kills fungi and microbes and is healthier than a toothpaste and its items like sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, triclosan and sweeteners like aspartame. So, make your own paste and enjoy it.

The recipe

You need:

  • 3 tsp baking soda
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 30 drops lemon


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The method is simple. Just mix them all  and use as a normal paste. also, try oil pulling by swishing a spoonful of the oil for 20 minutes before you eat or drink in the mornings.