Every Tooth Is Linked To Some Organ – Tooth Aches Predicts Organ Health And Problems


Even some small tooth pain can signal some health issue. This sounds bad but there is a link between teeth and organs.

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Let’s say that the upper and lower incisors link to the kidneys, ears and bladder. The canine teeth are linked to the gallbladder and liver too. Experts say that premolars are linked to lungs and wisdom teeth to the heart and small intestine.

But, this is not an internal damage being linked to teeth damage. Patients can often feel pain in healthy teeth and this can happen even in spaces where the tooth was taken out long time ago.

This pain is called phantom pain and is due to some signals of the organ to the tooth. If you had this, you can point the organ easily.

This is the list:

  • Lower and upper incisor is cystitis, otitis or pyelonephritis
  • 1st incisor is tonsillitis or prostatitis
  • Canine teeth is hepatitis or cholecystitis
  • Premolar teeth is colitis, allergy, pneumonia, dysbacterosis
  • 4th upper and lower teeth is shoulder pain, colon problems, inflammation
  • Molar pain is gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, anemia and chronic gastritis
  • 6th lower teeth pain is vein problems, artery issues, atherosclerosis
  • Upper 6th teeth is ovary inflammation, spleen issues, thyroid problems, sinusitis and pharynx issues
  • Lower molars is varicose veins, lung issues, colon polyps, bronchial asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Wisdom teeth is cardiac issues, heart issues and congenital defects.