This Is How You Can Create A Personal City Orchard With Columnar Fruit Trees! You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is


The fact that you’re living in an urban setting is not an excuse for skipping the beautiful orchard you’ve always wanted. Even when space is limited, few beautiful columnar fruit trees will be enough to make this dream of yours come true.

Fruit trees are also called urban trees for a good reason, and that’s the fact they can be planted in clusters and take less space than a real garden would. Other common names are Pillarettes and Minarettes.

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How to grow dwarf fruit trees in an urban setting?

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking of dwarf fruit trees is that they are delicate and that they require special care and maintenance, but that’s nowhere close to the truth. Their ideal thriving zones are USDA 4-8, which means that they can tolerate a variety of climate conditions. The only places where they’d fail to grow are in fact extremely cold and hot climate regions.

Another incorrect assumption is that columnar trees need constant sunlight exposure and regular watering. As it is in traditional gardens, the sogginess and dryness of a plant will depend on the soil you’ve planted them into and the quality of the fertilizer you’re using.

Choose 6-9 feet tall containers, and align them at least 2-3 feet from each other.

If interested to cultivate few miniature versions of the same fruit, go for several different sorts to make cross-pollination possible. This is particularly recommended to people planting apples.

As you would in a traditional garden, cut off damaged and weak branches that can’t support the weight of the fruit, and make some space for the healthy ones. Do this as often as you can (especially during the plant’s tender or very mature stage), and your home-based fruit garden will be a successful project.


What type of columnar fruit trees should you buy?

Luckily, there are many different types available on the market, so that every passionate gardener would find what he/she wants. Our recommendation, nevertheless, is to opt for Thompson-Morgan columnar trees, such as:

  • Pear ‘Doyenne du Comice’
  • Cherry ‘Sylvia’
  • Plum ‘Black Amber’
  • Apple ‘Golden Delicious’
  • Apple ‘Gala’

All of these fruit trees are a smart investment, because they don’t cost too much, but still look breathtaking and last up to 20 years. During all those years, they will provide you with fresh and delicious fruits.