Watch The Kidney Stones Get Removed With This Amazing Cure

watch-your-kidneys-stones-coming-out-with-this-amazing-home-remedyThe kidneys are very vital organs since they remove toxins and cleanse the bodies from excess salt and residues.

So once in a while they have to be cleansed. The kidneys get toxins and salt all the time but sand and stones too. To stop these formations of dangerous deposits you must make a detox once in a while.

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Here is a great recipe to cleanse the kidneys and make them better.

You need:

  • Handful coriander or parsley
  • Water


Chop the coriander and make it in large pieces. Put this in a big bowl and add water over this. Place it on heat for 10 min and remove off heat to cool. Strain and put in the fridge.


Have this mix cold and have just one glass per day. The urine color will change after some days and this is because the kidneys will be cleansed off the poisons.

Also, make tea of the same items. Leave this to cool for half an hour and have this 2 times per month for the detox.

Also, the parsley can soothe PMS cramps and pain. Apart of coriander or parsley, the kidneys will be better with lemons, apples and watermelon too. Also consider olive oil is great to remove the stones in kidneys.

In case you think you have these stones, talk with a doctor before making this tea.

Keep in mind that to have the healthiest kidneys you must hydrate all the time with parsley tea. And this has no side effects, but to be safe pregnant women should avoid it.