Benefits And Side Effects Of Garlic

Garlic is found in many kitchens and is added for flavor in lots of meals. Also it is really healthy and can lower hypertension, regulate cholesterol, improve heart health and even prevent some cancers.

Many good things can be said about garlic, but it also has some side effects. Here are the cons and pros of garlic.

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Garlic benefits

As we said, garlic has many benefits we still haven’t explored yet.

  • Boosted immunity– garlic has proteins that make antibodies for illnesses. This lowers risk of diseases like flu, cold, cough and serious ones too.
  • Curing and prevention of heart issues– heart issues like hypertension, high cholesterol and such can be cured with garlic. This herb lowers cholesterol and pressure, so you are safer against strokes, heart attack and such.
  • Home cure for common issues– if you often get coughs, colds, flu, headaches, fevers, garlic is the best cure.

Garlic side effects

No doubt garlic is amazing, but too much garlic has some bad sides.

  • Adding weight– adding garlic to meals will make them richer in flavor thus you might eat more food. This means more calories and bigger servings.
  • Prolonged bleeding– garlic makes the blood vessels dilate and this means if you injure yourself with cuts or have a surgery, you will bleed longer. A rule of thumb is avoiding garlic 2 weeks prior surgery for faster wound healing.
  • Bad breath– garlic is a miracle herb and too much of it will make the mouth breath unpleasant. Even a small piece leaves a trace of smell. Unless you feel queasy here, eat garlic for medicinal benefits. Otherwise search for other options.

No doubt garlic is a good food, but everything must be taken in moderation, even healthy foods. Eat garlic in moderation and be healthy anyway!