Never Ignore Thee Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency!!!

Our bodies need vitamins to work properly. One of the most important vitamins is B 12 and folic acid. B12 is indispensable for normal development of red blood cells and nerve cells.

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Lack of this vitamin can cause a serious health issues. One of the most difficult complications is megaloblastic anemia.

Here we are going to learn where we can find vitamin B12 in food, and how to properly dose it.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms:


-Concentration problems

-Hair and skin issues


-Muscle aches


If the deficit lasts longer, we will have serious health problems such as nervous disorders, anemia, immune disorders, gastrointestinal problems and etc.

This deficit can also lead to serious brain damages and bleeding. It can increase the risk of heart attack and coronary disease.

It is confirmed that 70% of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease had a deficiency of vitamin B12 in their bodies.

Daily dose of Vitamin B12

Here you have the properly dose vitamin B12 by age in a day:

Babies from 1 to 3 years – 0.9 mcg.

Younger children aged 4 to 8 years- 1.2 mcg

Children from 9 to 13- 1.8mcg.

Children aged 14 and older- 2.4 mcg

Pregnant women- 2.6 mcg

Breastfeeding women- 2.8 mcg.

Adults- 3 mcg

Most of the people through food consume enough of this vitamin. It is recommended daily. Meat, milk, cheese and eggs provide the vitamin.

Another important factor is the absorption of this vitamin, and for that we need our stomach to be completely healthy.

Which foods are rich in vitamin B12?

Animal products such as beef and pork liver, kidneys, heart and muscles are the main source of vitamin B12. Egg and fish are also good sources.

This vitamin can also be found in plant foods. Hazelnut, sesame, grains, soybeans and seaweed also contain a small amount of this vitamin.

Vitamin B12 is water soluble, which means that it can cause hypervitaminosis.

If you eat well, the deficit of vitamin B12 will be replaced in the best way, without consuming any drug.

Why is Vitamin B12 so Beneficial?

Vitamin B12 stimulates the formation, growth and maturation of red blood cells. It is essential on converting fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy.

It can help us treat several nerve disorders, improve our memory and concentration, maintain alertness and reduces irritability and balance.

It prevent anemia and is confirmed that it has antitumor effects.

If you are diagnosed with a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, you must adjust your diet and take cautions about your health before it is too late.