Only two Ingredients – Recipe that is 6000 Years Old: Cleans the Fat in the Blood, Regulates High Blood Pressure…

This recipe dates back from 6000 years ago and is mentioned in ancient Greece and the Middle East. This specialty is known under the name pastels, and some call it the Greek breakfast.

This medicinal delicacy is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad under the name Intrion. It is probably the most delicious recipe you will ever try, and which simultaneously has such good healing characteristics.

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What exactly are pastels? It is a mixture of two super healthy foods, sesame and honey.

They even call it sesame and honey pie.

The benefits and healing properties of pastels

The combination of these two ingredients gives you the Holy Grail of useful ingredients and among other things, it contains: zinc, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper and a number of vitamins, especially from the B group, and almost all of the key ingredients for the health and functioning of the body.

According to research, the combination that is created by the synergy of these all-natural ingredients is effective for regulating blood fat, especially the LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Pastels will ideally operate on the regulation of irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and better circulation.

It will give you the necessary energy and power for heavy and physical work.

Research suggests that the regular use of pastels can solve chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. This combination has a great effect on chronic stress after 3 weeks of regular use.

A new study by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed the benefits of honey and sesame seeds on the reduction of depression, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure.

Pastels contain as many as 182 elements that are useful for the health of the organism, and a particularly high concentration of antioxidants that prevent the development of cancer and other serious diseases at the cellular level.

Just one or two balls of pastels before an important event will give you a strong and long-lasting energy, and will be great fuel for the health of the whole organism.

We strongly recommend you to try this recipe and regularly consume it.


The original recipe for pastels


— 300 grams of tahini (paste made from pure ground sesame seeds)

— 300 grams of natural honey

Note:  You can find ready tahini in healthy food stores.

You can even create your own if you have time and a good blender:

Forgood homemade tahini paste you shoulduse raw sesame seeds and oil of your choice (usually 2 tablespoons of oil go with one or a half cup of seeds, depends on how thick you want the mixture to be — the mostly used are sesame, olive or sunflower oil).

Lightly fry the seeds, without adding the oil, until they become golden (5-10 minutes, stirring continuously). Be careful and do not burn them because the sesame seeds will receive a bitter taste.

When they cooled down, put them in a blender with olive oil and mix until you have a paste with the desired consistency (you can add more olive oil, if you want).


Mix these two ingredients in a bowl. Before placing them in the container, pour the accumulated oil that has formed on the top of the pan with the tahini.

Both ingredients are liquids, the thing that is very interesting is when are well mixed, they are hardening into a mass that can be formed as a modeling clay.

During the mixing process you can add a handful of crushed pieces of walnuts, almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts in this mixture if you want.

Some, while making this recipe, bake the mixture, which we do not recommend you to do due to the large loss of useful components but also for the taste.

Make yourself some balls or other interesting shapes. Roll the balls in whole sesame seeds.

The balls need to be arranged on a platter and placed in the fridge.

The pastels balls need to stay in the refrigerator, it is necessary to take 2-3 balls every day as a cure but also as treat. However, it will be very difficult to do that when you try how much delicious they are.

Be moderate because they are true energy “bombs”.