Sleep On The Left Side For More Health Benefits

Sleeping poses are all about being comfy. But, have you heard left side sleeping is beneficial? Here are the reasons why:

1. Better drainage of the lymph

The lymph system has many roles and one is toxin removal and impurities. Experts say this system drains the thoracic duct on the left side. The left side sleeping aids in speeding up flushing of impurities inside. Since the lymph system is gathering proteins and other things too that are out of cells, left side sleeping makes everything back in order.

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2. Spleen works better

The spleen is a large organ inside the lymph system. Sleep on left side makes the spleen work better as you sleep since it is on the left side too. Also gravity now will make better blood flow to the spleen and the gut will remove more toxins.

3. Better gut health and removal of waste

The junction in the small intestine and large one is in the left side, a spot called ileocecal valve IV. This is why sleeping on left side makes better waste removal by speeding up the transfer from small intestine to large one. This also makes more regular bowels.

4. Less heartburn at night

Do you have GERD or acid refluxes? Sleep on the left side. This way the belly is below the cardiac sphincter and this means the esophagus is linked to the belly. The belly contents cannot flow back to the esophagus and prevent the nighttime GERD.

5. Less congestion in the liver

Since the liver is in the right side, it is not strange for it to be congested as you spend hours on the right side while in bed. Sleep on the left and all toxins will be far from it and neutralized before they leave the body or get deposited in the liver.

6. Better heart work

The left heart side pumps blood to the whole body, so sleep on the left to make the heart work better as you sleep. Also the blood flow system benefits of the gravity and the aorta the most, also the inferior vena cava IVC – the big vein carrying deoxygenated blood to the heart on the right spine side.

7. Good for pregnant women

For pregnancy, sleep on the right is not really bad, but left is better. This is good in the last trimester. This will prevent unwanted weight gain and make the blood flow better.