Stretch Your Ring Finger With Your Thumb and Maintain For a Few Seconds. Reason You’ll Love!!

In our fingers we have huge amounts of nerve endings and when they pressed in a specific way, help us connect channels that allow energy circulation through the body. That is why with some position of our hands we can reach harmony and joy.

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  1. Gyan Mudra for Healing ( Mudra of Knowledge)

How to do it:

Sit in a lotus posture and keep your hands on knee then touch thumb tip with your index finger tip and keep the remaining three fingers free.


-Improves concentration

-helps us relax

-treats insomnia

-treats depression

2. Vaya Mudra ( Mudra of Air)

How to do it:

  • Fold your index finger towards palms and press with the base of thumb. Extend the rest fingers.Benefits:
  • – eliminates excessive gas
  • – relives the problems associated with the air element such as: flatulence, constipation, arthritis etc.3. Prithvi Mudra for Healing ( Mudra od Earth)



    How to do it:

  • Touch the tip of your ring finger witg tip of thumb and then pressing the bth binger with each other. Extend the other fingers.Benefits:
  • – balance the element Earth in your body
  • – improves blood circulation
  • -improves digestion4. Agni Mudra (Mudra of Fire):

  • Hoe to do it:
  • Close the ring finger towards palm and press second phalanx with thumb base and rest of the fingers keep extend. Benefits:
  • -reduces cholesterol
  • -reduces fat
  • – improves the metabolism

5. Jal Mudra (Varuna Mudra/Mudra of Water)

Touch the little finger tip of thumb and don’t press the fingers and then keep the rest of the fingers straight like shown above picture)


-reduce body aches

-improves circulation

-reduce dryness of mouth

6. Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness)

How to do it:

Firs phalanx of your middle finger should be pressed with thumb base.


-reduce vertigo

-helps with ear, nose and tongue problem

7. Prana Healing (Mudra Mud rod Life)

How to do it:

Bend your little finger and ring finger then touch these two finger tips to tip of thumb.


-Energize your body

– boosts your immune system

– cure eye problems