Studies Proved That Flu Shots Are Bad For The Health; Fetus, Heart And Infants!

The flu vaccines are the best thing we have in medicine these days, science claims, but they work just against 10% of viruses active that make the signs of seasonal epidemic flu. Also, these vaccines make inflammation that damage the heart, developing fetus and infant immunity. So, is this vaccine good?

Recently was stated in The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines, such vaccines are even used in children younger than 2, healthy adult people, elder people, health workers…

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These vaccines are advertised one way, and work in another way. They are a threat for the health and are just as bad as the flu itself since they make immunity tolerance or autoimmunity, and also many health damages linked to use of adjuvants items, preservatives, foreign DNA animal byproducts, adventitious viruses, and inactive items like the strange antigen administration.

Basics of virology facts reveal that trivalent flu vaccine is just 10% effective

There is no need for costly and elaborate, timely research to see the obvious limits in flu vaccine effectiveness, seeing from perspective of the basic flu virology:

More than 200 viruses make the flu and flu-like issues that have same signs (headache, fever, pain, aches, runny nose). With no lab tests, doctors can say nothing about differences between these groups. And, vaccines are just working for flu type A and B, which is JUST 10% of viruses.

If these facts are not ignored and denied, and clinically confirmed, everything would be different. The evidence for these evidence based medical systems is linked to the virus flu frenzy every year and we would see the vaccines as something other than profit or policy. But sadly, this is the case.

Science based medicine does not look into the vaccine harms empirical evidence

Similar was with the self proclaimed skeptics and advocates of science base medicine that all claim vaccines are safe and better than no vaccines, just to cover up the inefficiency of vaccines and the better natural alternatives. They do not deserve the terms science and evidence in free use they practice, and you have the right to have free choice and decision about your body and choose or reject medical interventions in order to prevent or opt out of damages or even death!

In reality many biomedical journals do not suppress the truth of side effects of vaccines. This is immoral and illegal to do as far as humans go and as far as lives of kids go. By publishing empirical evidence that expose vaccines as unsafe, party line is changed and official statements are changed too by CDC, ACIP and FDA and many online bloggers (anti-vaccine groups, that fail to acknowledge every fact) and claim that those refusing vaccines are doing a crime!

Heart attack risks is bigger with vaccines

In a study of 2011, International Journal of Medicine stated a fact that addressed health experts and uncritical mass media, thus; flu vaccines cause inflammation in cardio system and increase the risk of heart attacks.

The title was “Inflammation-related Effects of Adjuvant Influenza – A Vaccination on Platelet Activation and Cardiac Autonomic Function” and  In this study was concluded that the flu A vaccine and the inflammation reaction induce platelet activation and sympathovagal imbalance to adrenergic predominance. Similar links were found between CRP reactive protein and HRV heart rate variability parameters. They suggested that pathophysiological link is there between inflammation and heart autonomic regulation. The platelets after vaccine and cardiac autonomic imbalance can increase risk of heart failures.

The 4 main concern areas mentioned are:

1. Platelet activation

Indicator of higher risk for pathological clotting and blood vessel obstructions (heart attacks, stroke, embolism)

2. Sympathovagal imbalance to adrenergic predominance-

Sign of disturbed heart autonomic regulation

3. Higher C reactive protein

Sign of inflammation heart issues

4. Reduced heart rate variability

Sign of a heart disease risk

Flu vaccines can have bad effects on pregnant women

This study is not the first of this type that worries about pathological inflammation from flu vaccines. In 2011 the Journal Vaccine made a study named the “Inflammatory Responses to the Trivalent Influenza Virus Vaccine among Pregnant Women” and was said that flu vaccines make more inflammation in these women and increases the risk of preeclampsia and other issues like early delivery. Here, both the CRP and TNF tumor necrosis factor levels are increased a lot after just 2 days post vaccine. These flu vaccines still have inflammatory, immunotoxic and neurotoxic metals like mercury thimerosal! Even if the mercury was removed, it is replaced with aluminum hydroxide and is injected in humans of infants for immunity boost purpose. (see more on: Can we continue to justify injecting aluminum into children?).

Despite the fact that damage of vaccine to pregnant woman affects their immunity and pregnancy, this can result in birth defects and even miscarriage (known phenomenon here linked to vaccines), and the CDC defies both caution principles and common sense by forcing pregnant women to get the vaccine and misinform them of the risks.

Infants have risks of pathological inflammation after vaccines

It is disturbing that CDC recommends vaccines to infants, babies of 6 months and more, and this even goes back to the birth day with STD vaccines with hepatitis B antigen despite the fact that infants have cardiorespiratory issues and CRP responses to the vaccine, administered singularly or simultaneously mixed. In a 2007 study was said in the Journal of Pediatrics that 85% of newborn kids have elevated CRP after the vaccines and this even reached 70%! Also, 16% of infants had post-vaccine cardiorespiratory issues after just 48 hours from vaccination.

Enough to say, vaccines against the flu or pathogens are not as good and safe as we think they are. But my opinion should not be yours. Do some research on your own and review some neglected and unpopular researches and also see our Vaccine Research and Education page.

Do not take for granted the evidence of many cultures for oral medicine, plant medicines used worldwide.