The Best 12 Foods For Arthritis Patients

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This illness cannot be cured just with diet, this is true. Some foods also fight inflammation and boost immunity while they make bones stronger. If you have arthritis, these are the best foods to have and ease up the signs.

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1. Pineapple

Experts and sport coaches say athletes must eat pineapples. This fruit prevents injuries and it has bromelain. This fights inflammation a lot.

2. Bananas

This has potassium and magnesium. When they are combines, they make more bone density. Also magnesium makes you pain-free in cases of severe arthritis. If you have demineralization, eat this.

3. Blueberries

Aside from the first two, this fruit has antioxidants and boosts immunity. Also it slows down illness progress and swelling issues. Make it as juice, smoothie or eat it raw.

4. Lobster

This has vitamin E to fight arthritis. Many studies proved that this food has vitamin E and reduces osteoarthritis.

5. Salmon

This has omega 3 fat acids that remove joint inflammations and stiffness. It has omega 3 fats for lowering inflammation. If you eat this, stop taking pain drugs! And opt for other fish like tuna, mackerel and herring.

6. Tofu and soybeans

If you dislike fish but want the omega 3 fats, try these. Soybeans have almost no fat, but a lot of fiber and proteins. They help with rheumatoid arthritis too and osteoarthritis, in men especially.

6.Whole grain breads

Try whole grain breads and get the needed low C content, this is the reason for rheumatoid arthritis often. If you have stiffness, in the mornings, have whole grain breads. Also have cereals.

8. OJ

This is a citrus fruit so it has vitamin C. this vitamin makes cartilages stronger. If you lack vitamin C, this damages teeth, bones, cartilages too.

9. Green tea

You know this tea has many benefits. For arthritis drink it regularly for fighting inflammation and stopping damage to cartilages.

10. Peanut butter

If you like this, keep on! It has niacinamide that makes joints easy to move. It also has B3 for lowering inflammation and making flexibility.

11. Turmeric

This spice has sharp aroma and taste and is for color in meals mainly. Also the turmeric fights inflammation and is antiseptic.

12. Olive oil

This reduces pain and is healthy for the heart too. it lowers inflammation from drugs you take too. Also have safflower and avocado oils to lower bad cholesterol. Walnut oil can be good too, since it is 10 times more with omega 3 fats than olive oil.

Inflammation is the main cause in arthritis and osteoarthritis. What you eat can affect directly any illness. Have this foods and be healthier.

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