The Best 5 Antibiotics That Are Natural And Without A Prescription

  1. This article was made by Dr. Maggie Luther, ND. See her website here and also check her Pinterest, Facebook and twitter.

Antibiotics have been amazing in many ways, for illnesses and other causes, infections and more. But now we all are resistant to them. Why? Because we use them too much. The bugs no longer respond to them. Just in USA, 2 millions every year get some bacteria that needs antibiotics and 23.000 people will die every year due to such reasons.

These superbugs include the MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, pneumonia, fluconazole resistant candida and more). To be even worse, we see the multi drug resistant tuberculosis and issues fighting the HIV due to such resistance.

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What is to be done? Is it about stronger meds? Should we take 3 meds at once? No. instead we need more care and less antibiotics like drugs. Otherwise when you need this medicine, it will not work.

Since these meds are overprescribed for even minor issues like ear pain, flu, cold, chest congestion and more, why not try some natural items?

The best 5 antibiotics of nature

1. Honey

Honey is amazing. Especially the raw. When it is natural it has amino acids, B vitamin, enzymes, minerals, antioxidant and antimicrobial items too. Also this has bee pollen and propolis which boost immunity and heals us faster. This honey has many uses. It is the best natural medicine for kids and at night it improved the sleep by 4.5 %, also healing of ulcers went faster than using regular saline meds. This is also used like prophylactic for those with cataracts and is better after surgeries than fluoroquinolones which are less effective due to this antibiotic resistance. As a pain relief agent, honey was better than acetaminophen for tonsils removal and brought back the regular diet and sleep much faster. Honey also is good against the MRSA by naturally making hydrogen peroxide inside. Evidence says that Manuka honey of New Zealand has the most methylglyoxal, active item in the honey that kills MRSA microbes. This item is the most seen in the Manuka honey and studies say that honey kills microbes the best. Avoid honey to kids under 2 to prevent botulism.

2. Oregano oil

This oil is mainly spice but is amazing for flu and colds. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses and is antioxidant too. It acts against the norovirus, the belly winter bug and also can sanitize the house, can be used at school, daycare, or work. This oil also removes parasites inside us when we take 600 mg for 6 weeks. In the cold and flu seasons, you need 1500 mg pill daily to prevent such issues. Have 500 mg capsules daily divided 3 times, or take 2 drops oregano oil in teaspoon of carrier oil or olive, coconut and almond. Apply this topical for fungi, athlete’s foot and ringworm. A few drops of this in some steam can remove congestion and infections. In case of allergy from the family Lamiaceae, avoid this.

3. Coconut oil

This oil gained much interest since it is natural antibiotic too. It has healthy fats, medium chain fats and also kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is due to the fat acids like lauric, caprylic and capric. Also this oil is amazing for skin issues. It works against eczema which leads to ovruse of topical drugs for infections. The staph is the most common bacteria on the skin and reduces the resistance! Reducing eczema also reduces use of such antibiotics.

4. Garlic

This kills microbes and is healthy for us. Topical oil use is for fungi. There was a 90 day study of Aged Garlic Extract and said that flu and colds are not making differences between AGE and placebo, the days and signs reduced over time in the participants and they felt better. Also this reduced missed rest days from work or school. Cut garlic 15 min before use to sit. The air oxygen activates the allicin in the garlic. Then add garlic when the cooking is done, 5 min prior and avoid high heat to it. See the recipe for garlic and honey soup.

5. Echinacea

An amazing herb for stages of flu and colds. It is used in traditional medicine for neutralizing venom of snakes, and kills bacteria, viruses and is antiseptic too. The sugars in this plant activate some immunity signs and this makes immunity boost and removes inflammation too. As prevention for cold and flu, do not take this beforehand. Use it for curing signs in respiratory problems IF you have them. You might be allergic to this plant, check this before use. Also in case of HIV and immunity issues, test it first.