This Lemon Recipe Will Help You Get Rid Of Joint Pain Overnight!

Lemon is a popular tropical fruit used in all parts of the world. Some people eat it raw, some add it to salads, others drink lemon water while many people also use lemon juice in cookies, cakes or salad dressings. It’s safe to say that lemon is the most popular tropical fruit seeing how often people use it. But, have you noticed how everyone throws away the peel? This is a big mistake – according to experts, lemon peel contains 10 times the nutrient content of the fruit and can detoxify and rejuvenate your body in just a short time. The peel has many other health benefits as well – according to experts, you can prepare a remedy with it, olive oil and eucalyptus leaves that can treat joint pain instantly. Here’s how to prepare it:


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2 larger lemons

200 gr. of olive oil

5 eucalyptus leaves

1 glass jar

Clean bandages


Peel the lemons and chop the peels on small pieces, then put them inside the jar and pour the olive oil over them. Next, add the eucalyptus leaves to the jar as well, then close it tightly and keep the jar in a dark and cool place for a couple of weeks. Afterwards, strain the mixture and keep the liquid.

To use it against joint pain, soak a bandage in the remedy and apply it on the painful area, then cover with a plastic bag and a wool scarf to keep the spot warm. Leave the remedy to work overnight, and you will be amazed by the results in the morning! For best results, we suggest using the remedy 3 times a week.

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